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MVT weekend at John Marchants.

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I was going to furnish this with some photos tonight but left the link cable at work.:(. But plenty of photos tomorrow. I popped up to Johns farm briefly after work to say hello to a few people and to find out what route the planned convoy was going to take on Sunday. We had a field set aside, tents, toilets etc. The rain today had put a lot of people off from what I could make out, it has been raining all day. Still about 20+ vehicles there though, most of them probably Johns! CMP's, bren carriers, landys, Saracen, CDSW, Austins to name a few. Not forgetting the Iltis of course! Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow for the road run up to the local museum, and hopefully I will have found the link cable!

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Aha! Photos.

Soggy Saturday.

3 CMP's and a Bren carrier justr behind them, I think the 2 farthest ones and the Bren are JM's.



Lightweight, Austin and the Saladin.



CDSW. Prize winner at Beltring



Universal carrier, owned by Tobin, who also owns the CDSW.



Austin owned by Gordon, the convoy lead vehicle.



More to follow.

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I have no idea, he probably has as i dont think he likes to give/sell too much away these days. He popped in to say hello about half hour ago, I could have asked him then, I'll ask him next time.

John bought and restored his fisrt MV in 1949, any guesses how many MV's he's owned/restored since then? Prizes at the clubhouse after sundown.

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I am amazed how long these things remained in service and events like this are a salutory lesson about getting about to shows where interesting stuff turns up. I'd love to see the K6 - something different.


Thanks for the note, by the way, Rick. Good to see my German friend out and about. I was really pleased to receive your PM about her. Made my day. I really hope I can see her in the metal again one of these days.



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