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Ferret ?


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it was on eBay as a classified ad so the sale price will never be known


it was advertised at an asking price of £2,000 which, if it was as genuine as it looks in the photo, was a real bargain given there were 2 others on ebay at the same time - a complete fully done one for £6.5K (didn't sell) and a non running, much work required, project (or break for scrap) for £999 (1 bid, NR, so assume sold)

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I guy that was looking at my Daf, stumpted up the wonger as it was a classified ad, now thinks he's lost the lot :argh:.


I'm waiting for a reply.


So it was a scam then?

I know it sounded very cheap at 2 grand, and not surprisingly sold quickly, but the seller had very good feedback.

I tried contacting the seller before it ended and got no repsonse. I'd have been taking along cash and wanting to drive the vehicle away though just to make sure of no shenanigans.

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I think it must of been, I had the same with a Ferret last year. It was fully restored, only a couple of items sold on ebay by the seller with 100% & it was up for £2500.

Sent the seller a couple of emails, I wanted to pay a deposit by paypal & the rest cash. It was clever, all the emails from the seller (that looked like ebay) had links to an American site. I reported it to ebay & strung the guy or girl along until the end. Need less to say ebay didn't end it early.

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