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Toys from W&P

R Cubed

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Been playing with some new toys which I bought from W & P I now have 2 nice new Firestone 7.50-20 Bar grips for the front of my truck and a shock wrench for undoing or doing up both types of nut on the wheels, and its a well handy bit of kit, pics to follow.

Tonight I have changed 3 tyres and wheels and fitted the 2 new ones to the front axle and moved 3 others around to get rid of some dodgy tyres... cant pick up my arms any more its taken me about an hour to type this and I am nackered, now going to bed :yawn::yawn::yawn::yawn:

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Just make sure when you remount the rears wheels that the valve stems are 180 degrees opposite each other on each hub then you will have done it correctly per the TM.


Of course


What do you take me for some kind of tyre kicker :cool2::cool2:




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It is standard practice with dual wheels, I was taught to do it as a youngster but never thought to ask the reason, always assumed it was to do with balance but also ensures that the valves do not foul each other.

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As I understand it - keeping the valve stems 180 degrees opposite each other maintains wheel balance - as previously stated.


I am one of the "few" who have done it correctly.


Its a pain to do as the Ward tyres are not the easiest things to fit.



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Thought I help you to be one of the few to do it correctly . As far as I know that applies to all U.S. Army vehicles with dual wheels



Hope you didn't take offence to my previous sarky reply, it was meant in good taste. :-D


I think it is to do with the hole cut in the wheel for the valve to exit through, less metal so out of balance so put the other wheel 180 deg out and you counter act the hole.


As far as I was aware this is applies to all dual wheeled vehicles as other posts say was taught this from an early age, will carry out the same when running duals on the front for shows as well, thanks for the advice. :)

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Good bit of kit this, its a Shock wrench, large swingy handle thing locks on the bar then when spun the momentum of the weighted handles shocks the nuts un done or do up...










All comes in a smart green metal box as well



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Further to earlier answers, the wheels are (should be) individually balanced and so it doesn't matter how they are mounted. If they are not balanced properly and I doubt they were in wartime, then it is best to mount them with valves opposite to minimise the out of balance forces.

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