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Great Show!!


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Just got back in from a fortnight down at the show! Had a great time there lounging about in the sun and odd bursts of rain.:)


Met a couple more HMVF members during the time there and saw a few more vehicles flying around with the distinctive grey flag on the aerial. Dum-dum here left his at home together with the Tee shirt (until the wife brought it down on the last Friday..) so I wasn't exactly recognizable. :cry:

On the way down we stopped off at the Ford employees vehicle event at Dunton where the OT picked up the runners-up prize for the WTFII class - winner was an immaculately restored 1942 Fordson tractor. A well deserved win as I knew the owner when I worked there and how much effort had gone into it. Bit of a glitch loading the OT though - Rex had the extensions fitted to the lod bed - bit not the ramps!! So right now I've got 12 narrow gauge railway sleepers in the back of the F-250 which form the base of the loading ramps to get the OT onto the widened bed - great fun hauling those things around single-handedly - NOT!!! :)


A trawl around the stalls over the open days provided me with all the items on my shopping list - a pair of 95 pattern trousers to replace the ones the paramedics ripped apart last Oct and the correct interstart lead for the Stalwart as well as a set of Soviet fueses and light bulbs!! Met Jack over on the stalls under his Pathfinder flag - no GMC though, just a hired van!! :)


The OT behaved perfectly all the time we were there, now she's parked up with the other vehicles awaiting transport back to Gt Yeldham. We had two other similar vehicles there - Duncan from "Tanks For Sale" had a yellow BMP-1 (it had just come back from being hired for a "Lurv Fest") and some Slovakians brought over a BVP-1, the engineering version. This was a wild thing in the arena as the driver had obviously served on them and knew all the little tricks and the performance envelope. I had a great deal of fun though, bouncing mine over the ruts and up and down the bumps at varying speeds - even got into 4th gear at one point, so only 1 left to try and I've done the full set!! :)

Really good thing was on the Tuesday before the show started Duncan came over and we got chatting about the vehicles and he asked if the main gun on the OT was still the KVPT. I said it was but had never seen one so he replied "I've got one over there" - and sure enough, leaning against his BMP-1 was 6 feet of KVPT. Went and another look in the evening to see if would split into barrel and breech to allow it to be fitted. It was so designed - but to my horror I saw the clamps were welded up as part of the de-ac process. I was a bit down fallen at this as I thought there was no way 6' of gun was going to go in through the OT's rear doors and up into that little turret. After a few minuted arguing with Duncan on an "it won't, "it will" basis he picked up one end, told me to grab the other and we trotted it over. After about 30 minutes worth of banging, bruises and swearing it clicked into place to my utteter amazement. And then to complete the good bit Duncan said I could borrow it for the show so that those seeing the OT would know what it looked like armed. Sadly it had to come out again on Sat. night as the Danish guys who's bought it had to catch their ferry. But if those guys and Duncan ever read this - THANKS LADS!!! :):)

It really made my week did that gesture of trust and helpfulness!!


I'd also say a big THANK YOU to the Russian re-enactors who filled the rear compartment for me when we hit the arena and made the OT look the part. And to Dave and Colin, the two H qualified drivers who stepped in and allowed me to finish the show in the arena on Sunday, Also Mark H who had to come and take the OT out of the arena on Sat afternooon, after Health and Safety clamped down on Sat. Sadly there had been a couple of nasty accidents - won't go into them here earlier on in the show - so it was understandable but we complied with the requests made at the time and all was well on both sides :)


Regrettably we ever made the photoshoot on Sunday AM - we were all up and waiting to hear it was on as there had been discussions ongoing about whether it was Friday or Sunday and whether it was AM or PM when I left - but as no one toddled up/over to say it was on we just sat there drinking tea!!!! :)


Looking forwards now to next years show with both the OT and the rebuilt Stalwart being there. :)

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Hi Neill

Thanks for letting me sit in the back of the OT in the arena.

Great fun driving around!!


Sorry no-one thought about informing you about the photoshoot.:noyay:


No probs mate! Next year the OT will have all it's weaponry installed so it'll look a lot better than it would have on Sunday AM. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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I agree Neil the show was just as good as usual ! I was concerned that all my favourite heavies might be lacking due to the fuel prices but was very pleased to see many vehicles that had not appeared before ! There are always rumours of accidents and last show this year etc ! I heard that a poor chap had passed away sleeping in his car in the Americas field on Saturday night and that someone else had been stabbed ! I guess when a small town is formed for a week with that many people that these things will occasionally happen ! Hope it won't cause any tightening up on what is a fairly relaxed show for its size ! I saw your OT but didn't see you ! Hope to meet up in the future ! Andy !

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There are always rumours of accidents and last show this year etc ! I heard that a poor chap had passed away sleeping in his car in the Americas field on Saturday night and that someone else had been stabbed !


I have to say I didn't see any trouble at all, I may have been in the right place, right time etc, but after reading the above I thought I'd check up in the press. After scouring various news sites I found nothing pertaining to trouble or serious injury at the show and judging by the level of intrest the Kent Messenger has in all things W&P I would be surprised if they'd missed a scoop.


I'm aware of the rumour mill and how things get about, but in this case I'm glad it appears to be unfounded.


Great show indeed and long may it run.

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Yes there was an incident in the Arena on the Thursday where Ian2b's Son Ashley was seriously injured, Ashley is slowly on the mend & on behalf HMVF we wish him a speedy & full recovery.

I can not go into details of the accident & is not open for discussion on the forum as this is now in the hands of H&S & Ian's legal representatives.

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