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1 for Clive Stevens....


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No don't be too angry, I wasn't there myself, my mate Sparks is a snapper and was there as a bit of a scoop really. He has more reason to be narked as he missed the chance for a fly by about 5 mins.


When I told Mrs Tugger, she said she saw it fly overhead and wondered what it was.


Big low and loud were her words :)

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is this connected to a glider being towed over France in 2009 ??


PS just checked and it is not as the plane quoted is a C47




Ash - that is Neil who is on that project.......:coffee:

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In adittion to Clive's pics, some more by my mate 'Sparks' (I feel you can't have too many of such a spectacle)











Les Elsden (first time in the air) (see the EADT story above)













All pics by Simon Parker.

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Picture numbers 6 and 8 show a true photographer hard at work - Notice the slumped over look, legs spread wide for firm rigidity and fleece lined flying boots worn to protect against possible snake bites! That's Bill Kemball stood alongside me - he owns the airfield at Bentwaters.


Some great pictures there Tugger - How many places can you get that close to an aircraft thundering down the runway towards you, and almost have the wing-tip pass over your head!


I had my 300 mm lense on for the pictures I was taking, which is ok when its far enough away - but as it gets closer you can only get the pilots teeth in the shot!




I love photo number 5 - It gives a great perspective how low Don Brooks flew the Belle and what a thrill it was for the on lookers and those aboard.

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Simon the photographer (you might have seen him, big feller, short hair pictured here)...




...gave me a copy of his pics, well over 100 all told and I would agree that pic 5 has to be my favourite as well. Simon recounted how amazing it was to get right up close during taxiing, imagine if HSE had got wind prior to the arrival:nono:


I don't know Bill so well but I know the Kemble daughters and John better.

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