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  1. Home at last!!! Well done Tony,another fine vehicle added to the collection. You just need the 40ft trailer now!
  2. Taking my Dodge out after the winter lay up, I also have a slightly spongey brake pedal !! No obivious leaks but am intending to further investigate next week. I am guessing leaky master cylinder, as the wheel cylinders where checked a couple of years ago and were fine. Where did you get your new master cylinder and seal kits ??? I have recently had the Chevy M6 wheel and master cylinder lined in stainless by Past Parts and may go down this route with the Dodge if there is signs of corrosion. Good luck on sorting the brakes!!
  3. Hi Matt Have you got it home yet??? I am currently having cannopy pole frame sets made if you need a set. I am also currently making a set of front headlight brushguards, I could also make an extra set if required. As Mark says Zimmermans are great I ordered a few hundred pounds of bits at the begining of the year and they were here in five days. Portrayal Press and also Paperprint in Belgium have copies of all manuals. Paperprint are 25 euros for the maintenance manual!!! I have a spare set of headlight bowls and rims, no lenses, that I may consider selling for the right price. Le
  4. As you say too many shades to count, as long as it's green!!! Just taken M6 fuel filter off and cleaner newer paint off with thinners to find the original 'AC Disc Filter Type T2' decal which is on top of dark OD as ambulance in the famous picture. HELP! HELP! Slight issue now do I use the lighter/browner shade as i was planing or use original dark OD N01????? What colour are you using Tony??
  5. Is that not a Federal 606 C2 aircraft recovery wrecker and trailer ????
  6. We now have a new visitor centre ( posh word for tea hut!!) next to the ambulance shed and able to supply the avid traveller with tea and coffee. Plus the big bonus for this years event fully plumbed toilets, so theres no long walk back to the tech site for a pee!! Will post some pictures of this rather impressive structure, all constructted by OAP's except for myself of course!! As for the HMVF crew well up here in Suffolk two's a crowd so with five or more we can have a party. As for the 493rd, they flew their first combat mission on D-day and lost two B-24's in a collision over
  7. Hello Paul


    Finally got a grit blaster so the work can now commence. Regards Howard

  8. Clarks are also great vehicles, I have two mill 44's and Matt has a mill 44 and the heavier version as well!
  9. Hi Snowtracdave There used to be one on a farm over in Peldon in Essex I believe that was complete with fittings etc.. Could this be the same one or do you know of another?? I to have a very rough Cletrac as Jesse so politely says!! Mine came off a farm in Bently, not far from youself. Matt and I are on the hunt for any parts what so ever. NOS tracks would be great, more chance of winning the lottery though. A collector only ten miles from me now has a mint Cletrac so access for measurments is not a probably Matt. I now have four correct headlights and one rear light with switch b
  10. Was one of the ones that you have importted the one that was on eBay last year at a very low price,yet very complete??? The more info and pictures the better. Do you intend to post pictures during the restoration process? Well done for pulling it off!!!
  11. Hi there Is this the fuel bowser that was advertised for sale in one of the classic commercial magazines a few years back?? It will certainly be a show stopper being towed by the Autocar. These are amazing trailers and were commonplace on all USAAF bomber bases during the war. There is a 4000 gallon bowser being restored somewhere in France, I did have a website address for it. I will try to find it and post it. So who is going to restore a Federal F1 tractor unit and a 2000 gallon bowser?? Army cars USA recently had a 2000 gallon bowser for sale at $6000 that was in excella
  12. Clive Would this be a certain Ian Hughes?????????? If so what is he thinking of bringing up????????? Regards Paul
  13. Steve As far as I am aware Chevrolet did produce a short run of turret trainer trucks. I seem to remember seeing a manual for one on that favourite auction site a while back. You sometimes see photos of ten or more Chevrolets lined up on gunnery ranges in the US as well as a few shots in the UK. I agree a turret trainer truck would be a great show stopper. I know a guy who has three Martin 250 CE series top turrets as used in the B-24 and other bombers. Just need time, cash and more cash to bring these projects to completion. Just ask anyone, especially Clive, I have too many pro
  14. Hi Matt Yes your right that is another truck that is very rare over here. I have only seen a couple of original photos of these while sevring on 8th bases during the war. I'll allow someone else to name it. Not very difficult really with a certain feature!!! Paul
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