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  1. I know someone who has made the tooling to reproduce both parts of the cowl vent seat on his WC54, will ask him whether he would make up some vents and if so how much they would cost. cheers Paul
  2. Hi Adrian William and I would just like to thank you for an excellent afternoon, always great to catch up and eat cakes!! You are a wealth of information on vehicles, fabrication methods and anything green. I am sure we all learned more than one or two facts, I know I did!!
  3. Hi Adrian If coffee and biscuits is still on the agenda William and I will pop over!! So please safe a coffee for me!! Will bring chocolate biscuits, may be able to stretch to fresh doughnuts if bakers open!!
  4. Very nice Tony both rigs will look great once finished!!
  5. I've been hiding under a pile of Chevy parts!! I know Cletracs are just a pile of scrap without good tracks. I also know there are no NOS tracks out there!!! 😃😃😃
  6. NOS you have a good memory for old posts!! Even I had forgotten that one. Yes they are the same width and pitch just need to be longer and they will work. Michael in the US is aware of the need for Cletrac tracks and will keep us in the loop if his venture gets of the ground.
  7. Cheers for that. Will keep my eyes open and check eBay!!
  8. I could do with one of those Chevy blackout light brackets for the M6!!! Is that bracket a hand me down from the Chevy cab conversion or were they used on GMC's as well????
  9. Looking good Howard. Would be great if those couple of Chevy bits were available !! Regarding the stainless exhaust system, assuming that you got it from Rex speak to Richard as I believe he had the first on that Rex sold and fitted it too his compressor truck. I know that he had some issues with it so he may be able to help.
  10. Hi Howard Good to catch up yesterday and have a chat. As usual the standard of work is excellent and you have made rapid progress!! I look forward to seeing all the wiring going in and the dump bed being fitted. It will be a great looking truck when you have finished it.
  11. Not quite on track but does anyone else still have there armband on??? My son William still has his on !!
  12. Well for all you doubters out there that know me progress has been made on this project. Even if not directly by me! Howard and I decided to remove the axles so be could blast the chassis and ensure every bit was reached. As you can see from the picture the axles have know been refitted the chassis has been blasted and painted. Adrian has fabricated a new front bumper and new rear crossmember, so the chassis is now ready for the build up. I will update this thread with photos of progress to this point as time allows.
  13. You are quite right I need to look harder!! I know I have seen other pictures so yes I will stand in the corner for the next hour with a cone on my head!!
  14. 322 BG Great Sailing (Andrews Field) Station 485 7 PG Mount Farm Station 24 Nice colour photo of a hard cab version
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