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Isle of Wight Haven Street 08 the pictures

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Please see a selection of pictures of this years event.


Great on Friday and Saturday although very windy, Sunday was sunshine wind and showers.


Fantastic venue great atmosphere. Display area was nearly toppers with displays and vehicles. Few trading stands and entertainment by the Spitfires singing trio, Wavy Navy Allo,Allo show and the Lindyhoppers dance display. Air raids throughout the day.


11 out of 10 to all concerned roll on next years event. Jacks B's M1941 heater worked a treat and well worth the money only suggestion I would make it that the chimney need some guy lines to hold it in place in windy weather, repro Officers small wall tent looked the part as well.












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Great pictures Paul and looks a busy weekend - who puts the show on? Looks like one to get to.


Glad you liked the small wall tent and the stove!


And one for Safariswing and Ian2B - note that Paul and Ken brought 3 packets of biscuits to the office when they popped in last week........getting the message????!!!!

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The show is put on by members of the railway (who are also MV enthusiasts), and is still in its infancy. Next year is not yet a definite, but given this years success may continue.


The atmosphere at any show they put on at that venue is always great, due to the small size of the sight, and the most is always made of it. Plus Islanders are all bonkers (they've known me all my life, so I can safely say that).


The trailer the Sexton is driving onto in Pauls pics, was built by the IOW tank museum, making it all the more impressive. The sherman rebuild as featured on TV has not yet progressed, as the TV company that filmed it want to cover the whole restoration process and are currently raising the money to make 14x1 hour programmes (as i am led to believe) following the process.

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Here is the link with regards making contact for next year’s event and yes it would make a great start or end of a holiday over the Island. There was also a cheap rate on offer to MV owners when bringing their vehicles across to the show which this year was £25.00 a vehicle including as many people you can stuff inside your vehicle as possible!



The organisers told me that they are planning a special schools day on the Friday next year so that the children can come round the displays and we can then give them a small presentation on our displays.


As Grasshopper said, it is in its infancy in this present format, as I believe it was more vehicles lined up in previous years. My only concerns is it might outgrow itself and become another Watercress "War on the Line" bun fight....lets hope not.



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Well that event looks great,............cheers for pic's Paul. :-D


Think I may well point MW's nose in that direction, next year,...........how about making it a HMVF 'raid',......:-D:-D


See 'Viv the Spiv', there,...........:)



How do you go about getting the reduced ferry fare ?, is it done via booking etc.



Again, cheers for pics.



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