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Guest Editor for Jan - Clive D Stevens - on the front page.


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I always seem to go grey when I see him logged on so I though it was best to keep him out of trouble so I asked him if he would write this months column - always good for a debate.....being an occasional outspoken individual, I was naturally more than happy to oblige!



Thank you very much Clive.


Enjoy and discuss.




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Agreed, and what a shame that it might go the same way as classic cars or tractors (crazy prices :shake:). The sheer bulk and specialist interest of some vehicles puts these people off, but still enough interest amongst speculators to squeeze out the genuine enthusiast. And a lot of these investment vehicles just get squirrelled away out of sight :-(


Someone remarked on here recently that a dealer price for rough GMC trucks was far too high, and that in 10 years they would be no good for anything, but fast forward 10 years and Clive's reasoning might make the current asking price seem quite reasonable, whether we like it or not :dunno:


Whatever, it still comes back to SUPPLY (from wherever) and DEMAND (by whoever)



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A good read! Let's all ask for a few grand less when we come to sell our vehicles!!!!! :-D It's like house prices, they are worth what people are prepared to pay. So long as people do pay the high prices, there won't be a change, but for what you actually get in an MV, they are WAY over priced.


£11,000 for a jeep - You could get quite a reasonable car for that money. Most of us aren't doing it for profit though are we??? We do it coz we enjoy it. If you spend thousands restoring something that will sell for £2,000, where is the logic? none at all, but if you enjoy doing it, showing it etc and got great satisfaction from the experience, it was worth every penny!



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