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Swiss memorial, or memorial in Switzerland

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On this subject , probably the best reading material is the  book by  Adam LeBor  (1997)  :-

Hitler's Secret Bankers  :  The Myth of Swiss Neutrality During the Holocaust.


There is little that can be r-discovered by the Swiss.    A area quite near to the border with Austria  - the mountain air was found by the Germans to be a real cure for TB  IIRC this was pre-WW1  ,  two townships were created and twelve German owned and controlled TB sanatorium built .  During WW2 they were used by the Germans  (who in this period were purchasing much land in the area) for treatment and convalescent of German soldiers with battle injuries as well as TB patients. IIRC there were German cemetery nere for non-survivors.  The Swiss main concern was the possibility of a mini-war with US military persons also recovering at similar institutions ,  IIRC there may also have been a few similar injured British .  These two townships are normally called by a single place name  -  DAVOS.


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I read the article on the Beeb too. It's interesting to note that although Neutral there were a lot of pro-german facets to the country. But then, with them in such close proximity to each other then I suppose it isn't out of the question.

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