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J60 engine parts wanted

Robert Dickinson

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Surely you can run the J60 screened distributor system with a 12 v supply by removing the resistor in the junction box.  Then it would have electronic and waterproof ignition.  The problem would be the starter but you might be able to get a 12 v one of the same type.



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Before you dismiss J60 24V ignition if otherwise the best option for a boat as sealed so waterproof consider providing a 24V supply from 12V.

I have absolutely no idea what the current draw of ignition is but I presume there are very brief high current spikes.

Just as a starting point something like this


followed by a large capacitor connected through a diode so the capacitor can not backfeed the DC/DC converter and a low value series resistor to limit the surge.

A trawl of the 'net ought to find where somebody has tried this idea and if they succeeded or failed.

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