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  1. Thanks I would still be very grateful for any info on the cooling system of J60 especially around the route via the injection manifold. thanks rob
  2. Hi so i got the inlet manifold and it has a piece of pipe with a regulator that you manually turn to 2 x small jets on each of the 3 branch inlets. what is this for as the carb has a choke? does anyone have a copy of an engine manual I could look at, J60 or at least explain the basics of the J60 cooling system, I know mines completely different, just interested really. theres a couple of short u tube clips of a fellow starting a J60 that I've watched, and paused several times, and looks like his little pipe is removed and the 2 x jet ports on manifold are blanked off. just want to be clear on how to plumb the J60 manifold up to my engine.And what the manifold squirters are. my guess would be some sort of pre start system. thanks rob
  3. Toby sorry if it sounded like that, didn't mean to ... great boat the spearfish, all original I guess? whats your cruising area? I am in Southampton and do a lot of the local area, with a trip to CI at least once a year, and the way things are looking it's going to be the CIs again for a holiday cheers rob
  4. Tjsb, thanks for your concerns about the hull, but I'm all good with the hull. ive had boats for years, and currently own a 36' fairline Targa with a pair of huge diesels. This is a little heritage project I'm doing, and I've never messed with Jag engines, in fact the last petrol full engine rebuild I did was a 1300cc ford cortina ! the 3.8 was badly seized and has already been bored to 20 thou over on all cylinders, 30thou is Max then it needs new liners, so not worth it. just picked up the XJ6 engine Tonight, with all auxiliaries, going to have a good look at what I've got the weekend cheers rob
  5. Hi Yes the engine will need a lot of love, no rush here on this project, still got a lot of the 3.8 left over as well for some spares and xj6 parts are not that expensive. The boat is from Norman Fletcher of Fletcher boats, its from around 65 but I cannot be sure, have done a lot of digging in the boating archives and never been able to accurately pin it down. The original jag 3.8 ( if that was the original engine) was from 64/65 , so maybe. It is classed as Fletcher Arrow 172V , which means 17'2" long and a deep V hull, which is apparently the base hull that is still in production today. Its a very thick GRP lay up, back in the 60s they laid the GRP as thick as a wooden boat would be, which makes it very strong, unlike today's Bayliners ( or binliners others call them as the lay up is so thin! ) calculated by a computer no doubt. It is a long haul project, which I don't mind, I spent the last couple of months saving the trailer, it was on the verge of rotting out. I had to completely refurbish it, with a little welding done at work etc but it's ok now. Really old drum brakes, whitworth nuts and bolts etc. The boat hull in general is ok, but the transom ( rear end) is rotten and will need new timber and GRP, and where there has been no cover on it for a few years the floor is rotten. Reasonably easy fixes, as all projects, just need the TIME. LOL THANKS Rob
  6. Hi My first post here so here goes, I bought a speed boat with a Jag 3.8 in it, it was seized and bores shot! Have bought a series 3 injection 4.2 1982 with 80k miles on an auto box, so hoping engine good. Have acquired the J60 inlet manifold and the Solex carb, the better Marcus one I believe. I want to take off the injection side of things and run on the carb. I have the correct marine manifolds for it, the water cooled oil and water heat exchangers, which all run from a water pick up in the outdrive and is spat out the rear with the exhaust through 2 3" pipes , it came like this but in a 3.8 engine. Any tips or advice will be great, slightly different from a CVRT I know, but I'm loving the fact that I can make this crossover. I pick the engine up Wednesday from Birmingham and my manifold and Carb are en route.. Here's how it was when I got it........ d
  7. Hi hope I'm in the right place, I have a speedboat with a jaguar 4.2 engine, and would like to try the J60 inlet manifold, and Solex carb. there is an inlet manifold on a EBay,but I don't know what Solex carb I should be looking for. help please. Thanks. Rob
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