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Information wanted.

Tony B

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A friend has asked me for help in the matter of a Tillings- Stevens TS20/2. My reaction was What?

So, the story is ,rescued some years back from Essex The Chassi number is F204 Contract no V3268 Catalouhe number (?) 7

Ministry of Supply TT3 Rebuilt to Class 1 30/01/1945 at Army Auxilary Worksho NoB112.

First question - Where was B112. Theowner hopes it was Martin Waters in Folkstone, as the picture you can se was taken in the workshop about that time and features a TS 20/2

Belived to be one of two remaing So any info gratefulllly recieved


Sorry can't get picture torotate20210515_163906.thumb.jpg.aaf01918bb1ba93847f119f0ad60cbae.jpg

ts 20.jpg

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The TS20 was a searchlight truck and had a generator driven by the vehicle's engine. I knew of one in Ashford about 40 odd years ago, and it may well be the one that was restored later on by Bill Hooker from East Kent, Bill had a TS19 as well. There are no known records of Army Auxiliary Workshops so to identify the number B112 will be difficult.

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Thanks guys. Yes Richard that sounds right.Do you know if the truck in question had at some time been a fairground vehicle? The current owner is also looking for any parts that may be about.

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