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WD/C correction


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I recently discovered that my 1940 Royal Enfield WD/C had been fitted with a later (WD/CO type) front frame section. Apparently these frames are quite weak and under the duress of heavy duty army work,  it was quite common for them to break at the front down tube. So the heavier duty CO frame would often have been fitted.

I acquired a correct 1940 front frame from a fellow RE enthusiast, resprayed and fitted it. Fortunately it's just possible to swap the front frames without disturbing the engine/gearbox etc.

I've copied the markings from a series of army trials pictures.  Ron







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Another magnificent job Ron! And great to see the correct Royal Enfield style census number. 

The war time photograph by the way was taken at the April 11th 1943 Medway Challenge Cup, "a team event run between various companies in an R.A.S.C. Division, including a number of riders from H.Q., in which the three best performers from each unit were taken as forming the team, each rider being marked individually throughout the event. Competitors had had little previous experience in motorcycling on cross-country courses and the prime object of the contest was not only to improve their standard of riding but also to afford them an opportunity of putting into practice lessons they had previously learned. A total entry of 66 was received, all of whom were mounted on 350 c.c. side-valve Royal Enfields; this no rider had any advantage over another in the matter of "machinery", it being purely a question of ability." (from MotorCycling, April 22 1943).

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Yes I saw your dilemma about being to big and heavy and using that little bike off road. You even broke a massive heavy Big 4 for God's sake 😏 But you can see that the front frame came out with a little bit of wiggle behind the gearbox. 

The registration on mine is sorted and I still have it's transferable plate. Ron

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