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WD/CO 350 1943/44 - New owner


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7 hours ago, Chris Hall said:

And the lower headlamp stay in the photos is a bar rather than the correct pressed item.

Hi Chris,

Sorry, I would need to see what you mean to appreciate the difference.

I think my headlight is from a model G?

Thanks Martin 

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Yes your lamp is a 50s era with underslung pilot lamp used on the G and others of the era.


for the lower lamp stay, if you compare the lower with the upper, the upper is a thin steel sheet item with a pressed centre to it. The lower is just flat bar stock but should be like the upper but of the correct length. The Hitchcock replacements just aren’t quite correct but Jan may be able to reproduce it better.

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Hi I don't mean to hi jack the thread, but it seems some knowledgeable types on here.

I have a Royal Enfield with the following: Frame number is 19751, engine number is 14182

I s anyone able to provide information on these?



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I make the frame a WD/CO from RAF contract S14219 (1943). The engine is from the previous army contract C13870 for WD/COB's (Burman gearboxes fitted)

It's a coincidence as my own RAF WD/CO from that same contract also had a WD/COB engine until I found the correct crankcases from the RAF contract.

No doubt Jan can give you more details on its date and place of despatch. Ron 

PS The B&W pic is the only in service RAF CO that I've seen.


RAF DSC03387 (2).jpg

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