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  1. Hi all, I have dismantled the clutch mechanism today and have found it all to be very oily, I'm guessing that due to the oil feeder into the crankcase for the chain this is unavoidable so my question is, is this supposed to be a wet clutch assembly? Thanks, Martin
  2. Hi Chris, Sorry, I would need to see what you mean to appreciate the difference. I think my headlight is from a model G? Thanks Martin
  3. Ah, makes sense now 🙂 Still struggling to make sense of the handlebar controls (I'm guessing I'm missing something?) and the speedo - what have I got and is it worth saving?
  4. Hi Ron, What is this green box? Martin
  5. I have a few questions if I can ask please; *I think the headlight body and lense are incorrect- is this from a model G? *There's something missing from both sides of the fork here, is this a problem? *The speedo is in a poor condition, not sure its correct either, is this worth saving? *The levers on the left hand side of the handlebar are ignition and exhaust lifter? However there is no lever on the right for the air lever, I guess this has been lost? *Is this button supposed to be the horn? I can't see an entry on it for wiring... *The drivers handbook mentions
  6. That's a fabulous picture Ron, do you know where it was taken?
  7. Hi Ron, Jan told me the following about the bike; "The engine with a “duplicated frame number” was despatched from the Redditch factory on 30/03/1944, to the War Office in Ketley, as part of contract C/12425. Its census number would have been C5108727 (this was the number on the petrol tank). The frame was despatched from the Redditch factory on 15/10/1943, to the War Office in Sheffield, as part of the RAF contract C/14219. Unfortunately the RAF census numbers are unknown. So this is a genuine WW2 bike, which has been civilianized shortly after the war, and exported to Denma
  8. Hello all, I'm Martin from Worcestershire (UK) and I am the proud new owner of an unrestored WD/CO 350 from 1943/44. Jan (rewdco) has very kindly helped to find and secure the bike for me from Belgium where it had been imported from Denmark in the not too distant past. Originally I was in contact with Jan to see if I was correct in my identification of the bike, which is in an undated photograph that has recently come to me of my late father working on it (1950's?). I was also keen to see if it was identified in the WD350 database, unfortunately it looks like my fathers bike has
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