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  1. Hi Rick, This does make far more sense, I can't imagine where the box came from, its just strange that it matches the RH side perfectly. Yes please I am interested. Thanks for your help. Martin
  2. Hello all, I've been some initial reassembling of my bike and have come to reposition the left hand side storage wedge. Unfortunately the rear brake lever and rod clash with the end of the box - this can't be right surely? It does perhaps explain why the end corner was all bashed in when I got the bike.... How should this area be please? Thank you, Martin
  3. Hi Ron, Jan has the numbers, he was extremely helpful and inspected the bike in Belgium fo me before I imported it back to the UK. Ive chosen at this time to preserve rather than restore as my late father had a WD/CO in a similar condition. Cheers, Martin
  4. I have been undertaking more of a preservation rather than a restoration since I brought the bike back from Belgium. It's been surprising quite how many small things were missing and perished and have had to be replaced. Still looking for a rear stand though! I've undertaken a thorough clean and removal of loose paintwork, whilst treating the rust and preserving as much as possible the layers of paint, it has several areas of green, plenty of the black that it was refurbished in after the war, as well as some small areas of blue etc that it acquired in the last 70 odd years. The
  5. Thank you both, I have previously purchased locks etc to secure to something immovable, I was just interested to know if anyone had done anything different. I have read about a switch under the saddle, but it wasn't clear what exactly the purpose of this was? Ron, thanks you for your help, I had a suspicion that might be the case. How much easier would things be if Royal Enfield at the time had made exploded diagrams! Thanks, Martin
  6. Hi Ron, Thanks for the picture. I can't see how this is achieved? Either the bracket is different to mine, or there's something I'm missing. I've attached a couple of pics to show what I mean. The nut at the 12 o'clock position prevents vertical mounting, as does the shape of the crankcase. Martin
  7. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone can give me a steer as to where they have mounted the horn on their bike? Due to the thickness of the mounting bracket and its shape I am struggling to get it to fit towards the front of the bike. I've looked at fitting it to the engine case but it projects forwards and tends to interfere with the front mudguard. Also, does anyone have a kill switch/immobiliser type switch fitted to their bike? I am interested to know what are where fitted, just keen to know the bike is safe whilst unattended. Your advice would be very much appreciated.
  8. Oh right, that's fab, thank you Ron, I'll investigate that tomorrow 🙂
  9. Hello all, I have received the new age appropriate registration for my 43/44 Royal Enfield WD/Co 350 today. Can I ask who would be the best supplier for a set of appropriate war department style number plates for the bike please? Many thanks, Martin
  10. Hi all, I have dismantled the clutch mechanism today and have found it all to be very oily, I'm guessing that due to the oil feeder into the crankcase for the chain this is unavoidable so my question is, is this supposed to be a wet clutch assembly? Thanks, Martin
  11. Hi Chris, Sorry, I would need to see what you mean to appreciate the difference. I think my headlight is from a model G? Thanks Martin
  12. Ah, makes sense now 🙂 Still struggling to make sense of the handlebar controls (I'm guessing I'm missing something?) and the speedo - what have I got and is it worth saving?
  13. Hi Ron, What is this green box? Martin
  14. I have a few questions if I can ask please; *I think the headlight body and lense are incorrect- is this from a model G? *There's something missing from both sides of the fork here, is this a problem? *The speedo is in a poor condition, not sure its correct either, is this worth saving? *The levers on the left hand side of the handlebar are ignition and exhaust lifter? However there is no lever on the right for the air lever, I guess this has been lost? *Is this button supposed to be the horn? I can't see an entry on it for wiring... *The drivers handbook mentions
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