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Can anybody help with this photo?


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Asking on behalf of somebody else. I am going to assume this is an Ambulance.




I've been left this picture of what I think is a Chevrolet CMP C15A army truck. (I could be wrong!)

The picture was taken in 1945/1946 near Naples.

Can anyone say more? Can the cabside number tell us anything? The number is A 5932731.



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It's either a F60L or a C60L - 'F' and 'C' for Ford and Chevrolet respectively, '60' for 60cwt (3 ton) and 'L' for long chassis.

The C15A was a Chevrolet 15 cwt, with 'A' for four wheel drive (as opposed to C15 for the two wheel drive version).

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I guess if it was a Chevrolet then it might have had the radiator overflow bottle on the side of the cab that's showing, so perhaps a Ford F60 then? However at some stage I think Chevrolet got round to deleting the exterior bottle on Chev FATs, so may have done so on the F60 chassis

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