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Disposal at auction categorisation

Great War truck

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At the GDSF last year there was an FWD which had a large letter A painted on the side of the seat. This seems to be very old and I was wondering if it related to a category that the lorry was placed into for disposal. Looking through some photos I came across two other vehicles which had been marked with a B and a C. Can anybody shed some light on to what these markings might relate to?






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Thanks guys. Some interesting ideas there. The Thornys marked B and C were returned to Slough and then ended up in Basingstoke at the Thornycroft factory. Both were in very poor condition having suffered collision damage. I have not yet found any other markings but need to do some more work. I need to find more photos of them with these letters to make the connection. Thanks for your input. 

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48 minutes ago, Tomo.T said:

Tim, could the top no. be the chassis no. ? The lower group could well be a date, 4 / 2/ 20  (I have seen dates written like this on War time docs.)

Any more pics of the dispersal sales please ?

I'd read it like that Tommo, and shipped home through Havre probably to Avonmouth but quite possibly through Chepstow or Newport and then on to Slough.

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