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Hello Steve,

I remember a while back that Classic Military Vehicle magazine did a feature on a scale model of one of these that was offered on Ebay.

From memory, it said that the model was a feasibility study for the full size vehicle. I'm sure though, that the article said that no full size mock ups were ever made, but it looks like that was wrong. Unless of course, that this one is a modern made replica for a museum etc.


I wonder how many "Top People" were involed in such a White Elephant? :wink:




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I hadn't realised, but I had a new set of tyres in that pattern on my first Land Rover. They were made by Colway and was the best part of the whole vehicle! I thought they were ideal for road and a little bit off road work.

I would love to get another set for my present Land Rover, currently on Super Mud Pluggers which are great fun :? on wet winter tarmac!




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Bump. I've just come across the Rotabuggy by accident on the internet, but see it has been mentioned here on the forum before.


Well worth a look for anyone not aware of it. Google away and enjoy!



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