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Newbie in Wiltshire


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Greetings one and all, my name is Dave and with my girlfriend Tasha I have just bought a 1984 Series 3 109" which was apparently "cast" in 1997 and first registered by the DVLA in 2004.


It appears she was with the Wales University OTC but I haven't yet had the chance to delve any deeper into her history.


I look forward to taking part in HMVF activities in the future.




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Welcome Dave and Tasha


The first thing you will be taking part in is trying to find the dancing girls that the Dutch have kept hidden after that feel free to join in whatever mayhem takes place.

Beware of Jack he is a tyrant in the clubhouse :whistle:

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He's had to go part time since a terrible incident at the Bar Tread disco which then spread into the clubhouse just after midnight. The vol-au-vents were all over the floor and we need a whole set of new fire extinguishers in the games room. Messy.


Welcome Dave and Tasha. Sanity may be optional; but you will need to be able to suspend reality much of the time.


Marigolds are in the cupboard next to the gun cabinet.



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