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To big for the dark box

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43-KG-84 is painted on the frame, so it must be a transport frame for the power pack in a Warrior. Box looks purpose made for the frame, fits in tight and has timber to hold it in place. Now all I need is a power pack to go with it. Some hope. Thanks again.

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The frame is definitely for a Warrior CV8 powerpack  I see them every day at work. The semi circular bits on the uprights are where the transmission output shafts are located when the powerpack is being transported or worked on.

Not a lot of use in the civvy world I'm afraid. 

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The trailer has individual VRN to the towing repair vehicle,  the frame would be stencilled with trailer number and as above the box is used in a variety of locations, so could have been swopped over to the vehicle.  Great pictures, would be appreciated, building a 1:35 model to go with a WR 512, also any of the CV12 frame would be appreciated and any pictures form the trailer with and with out a load form all angles.    Regards Dai


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