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Half Track Mines


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Trouble is will they come under 'Realistic firearm Replicas.



I have absolutely no knowledge of the law in this area, but last week as I wrote Chapter 6 of A Tracked Armoured Car, events reminded me of a little item you might be interested in if you can find one.


In the summer of '76, HQ UKLF decided to make a film showing a Soviet mechanised formation sweeping across the IGB and running into a 1 (BR) Corps killing zone. I crewed a Scorpion on this, Exercise Bugle Call.


There was a lot of pyro which, as I say, only came back to me as the words flowed. One was the wiring of a smoke grenade to each indicator cluster so that when a vehicle was declared dead by an umpire, the driver hit the four-way flashers and the vehicle disappeared in a cloud of pretty coloured smoke.


Our vehicle was one of three (out of hundreds on the start line) which made it to the end of the killing zone. I can still vividly remember standing in the gunner's position, looking over the side as we enjoined in a latter-day charge of the light brigade (instigated by two serving or erstwhile 15th Hussars: Captain John Nolan 15H, ADC to Lord Cardigan who had been removed as CO 15H in disgrace some years before).


As I looked down, I saw we were in a minefield. A real I-am minefield. With real I-am anti-tank Teller mines. Plain as day. The gluteus maximum started playing sixpence, half a crown. Turned out they were practice Teller mines, also wired up to smoke grenades to that if you hit one (or failed to defuse it), you were engulfed in a cloud of pretty coloured smoke.


No idea what the designation was or if they are available.

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used to work at a place where they used deacted and replica land mines as door stops to p** of visiting politicians. One day I was backing a large vehicle very carefully into a tight spot, fag paper each side, some B**** decided to test a flash bang screamer. When I got unpeeled from the roof I did call them a few names.

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