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PW is best. Don't listen to the lost souls from the Bocage. By the time they've all saved Ryan's privates their motors will be dust. Be sensible, start off in the modern world. My vehicle has gears that work and seats for all the occupants. It doesn't go at the moment, but that is another story.


Collect your rubber gloves for sports hall bog cleaning duties from Jack. He'll explain. If he makes any promises about Dancing Girls, ignore him. Joris hasn't returned them since his last booze cruise to Rotterdam.

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A Ferret is an ideal first vehicle, ignore what these ww2 guys say. They're small, light, fast, armoured, easy to fix, easy to find spares for, they fit in your garage, and they're fairly cheap. You can buy 2 for the price of a jeep! You'll have far more fun in a Ferret than a Pig. Pigs a slow, heavy, have no brakes, big things to store, but you can sleep in the back, so they're not all bad!



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Welcome Mark


Good to have you here and hope you enjoy the forum.


Comment from 'her indoors' ref Pig or Ferret



are flashier and more for the man who wants to make a statement and get noticed :dunno: :whistle:



are purposefull and well suited to the man who needs to make no statement at all (and your passengers have somewhere to put their handbag, don't risk showing their nickers trying to climb in and don't get their hairdo messed up when going for a quick spin down to the pub):-D :whistle:


PS she also said 'you can fit a lot more shopping in a Pig than a Ferret BUT the Ferret is harder to attach the parking penalty notice on too' :dunno:



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