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Tuesday 21st Caption comp


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So , does it have a single cylinder or multi -cylinder Engine under the hood? What kinda speed can you get out of that ?


Don't scoff! There was an incident some years back where one of these was used as a getaway car. It nearly succeed but the Police milk float had the edge on the corners.
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Yes but the green machines do get the ocasional 'Wish I had one' remarks that thing all you'd get is the offer of a padded room.





I dunno,......the stripe is almost PINK, :whistle: could think of someone who might appreciate its lack of thirst,............well, compared to the 'pink cushion mobile', that is................. ;-) ;-) :-D

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My question still stands , what size engine and how fast ? I d guess its 80 hp and perhaps 80 mph about 120k? with three wheels the corning speed must be low , they sold because of good milage?



Everything you didn't want to know about the Reliant Robin ...






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