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Universal Carriers blueprints/ books etc

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Does anyone know a good source of Drawings/blueprints of the Universal carriers 

I've been looking for the plans for the hull with sizes and gauge of the steel etc, 

I,ve seen 3 books by Nigel Watson and the 3rd Volume looks like it has what I'm looking for just wonder if anyone has the book and if it has the detailed plans of the hull.


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The drawings that you will hopefully get are for the pre-war 'Bren Carrier' and not the usual common or garden Universal Carrier. There are only one or two of these in the entire world as far as I know, one is in Australia. If you are going to make one of these actual Bren Gun Carriers then its wonderful, you have my admiration and good luck!

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Bob there are a total of only 3 real Bren Carriers left on the globe. There are two (of the six) built in the U.K in 1938 that  came to N.Z. in 1939. HMH243 and HMH244 survive. I have rebuilt one of the 40 Bren carriers built by NZ railways in 1941. All 3 are MkI Brens. No MkIIs survive. There is in England a Scout carrier. that was in Australia (70 years) It is the sole surviving Scout. These are all "runners".

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Thanks to all and must apologise for the late reply,  been a busy last few months with work etc, also had the pleasure of two weeks in BATUS......with very limited comms too.

The Volume 3 book looks to be very interesting.



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Plans and specifications for Armoured Fighting Vehicles]
Contents date range
1941 - 1943
Series number
Click to see which government agency or person created this item.
Control symbol
NAA: MP392/8, 5
Item barcode
Access status
Date of decision
23 May 1985
Physical format
PAPER FILES AND DOCUMENTS (allocated at series level)
4 cm
Date registered

12 Sep 1992


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