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  1. Hi. Just to keep your interest the Contracted Price of each Albion of the 329 order was - chassis £1080 each and the cab £68 each. Then there was extra costs of £62.12s.10d , so add that all up and you can see what it cost the War Office - you still had to add the cost of the body supplied and fitted by Weymann Motor Bodies. The BY1/3 were a bit like first world war lorries - archaic - they had the standard WD pattern open cab with a canvas folding hood and side screens. The hood was attched via straps to the front mud guards. The BY5 had a full metal and glass windscreen wher
  2. Hi. Sorry for the delay in replying but first of all - message to Old Git about photos - will sort it out asap. Next XS650. Manty thanks for your interest about the Albion and have put together a brief history. BY1 Chassis: Order placed by the War Office to Albion Motors for delivery from 1937 - 1940. These were used for G.S trucks, Bridging Equipment, Pontoon Body, Trestle/Sliding Bay Units and Small Box Girder Bridge. Fitted with Albion engines EN214/215 - Petrol 4 cyl, capacity 3.89 litres. Chassis Start Number 52000A . BY3 Chassis: Order placed by th
  3. Hi. Many thanks for your thoughts about the Albion, yes it has been a slow slog but getting there. I hope to have it going to displays - fingers crossed - next year, but at 8 miles per gallon could be on the back of a low loader. Paul Burns.
  4. Hi. The only one that I know of is the half remains of a BY5 still at Mains scrap yard. I had a look at it several years ago with the idea of buying it and trying to join up a chassis off a later Albion 6x4 but Mr Main wanted too high a price for buying the BY5 and chassis. What is ever left now would be rust as it was slowly falling in on its self, any steel part you might be able to use as patterns but I doubt it.. I noticed that I have messed up the photo's putting them on the posting, next time I will get it right. Paul Burns.
  5. Hi. It's been a long time since I posted a up date as I have been trying to dodge the COVID-19 bullet, a few bits to go on. ODD JOBS. The more I venture under the lorry, I tend to find more bolts,nuts and studs missing. The latest is on the engine, gearbox, engine mounts, I spend half a day working out the size required and go back next day and find even more missing. I have now a list of the required parts and will buy new ones in to correct the missing ones on the engine. Master Servo. Well have tried to get this master servo sorted out but it is a real pain as
  6. UPDATE 2019/2020. Hi. Just a quick update on the Albion for 2019/2020. The work I had planned for Christmas period, had to be put on hold due to the fact I caught this winter bug. And if you have not got it yet, it is a little sod. Wheels. I reported that I had two flats - front and middle. The middle tyre was a easy one to strip, as the bead was already loose and was easy to take apart. A good clean up of the inside of the tyre and the inner tube had a split of 1 .5" in it. New tube and flap fitted and the wheel went back together, just as it is shown in the manual.
  7. Hi. Many thanks for your reply, I also have found this manual and printed it off. I'm not sure what age it is. It might be more of a modern one but I don't know what sort of age they stopped using these servo's. But there are some pages missing but hopefully between the workshop manual and this manual, put the fear and dread aside and take it apart and service it. Now the major problem has been that the top cover has been replaced with a poor replacement and not fitted correctly with the chance that over the years it has been standing that water has got into the main body. So at pre
  8. Hi. It was about time for a Autumn update. Chassis. After I put a shelf between the chassis for holding down the oars, I did a quick check to see how the oars would fit. I found that they would hang in mid air and would have every chance to fall in between the chassis and the road, causing some damage to the lorry. So I have sheeted the chassis up to 11' as there should be 5 x 10' wooden oars and 1 x 10' barge pole, as these are part of the equipment carried in the middle. I have to make up a system of tie downs to hold these parts on the chassis to save them from wonderin
  9. Hi Simon. My last posting was only meant as a light hearted comment and having looked at the photos most of the details I want are below the piles of motor bikes. If you could get permission to remove a axle, then you would need burning gear to cut it out. Some thing that is puzzling me about the wreck and that is - is it a war grave as 9 were killed when it was hit; 4 crew and 5 Royal Navy . Also, the most concerning thing is, that there divers messing around with live munitions that are getting more unsafe as time goes on. The ship deck and hold are still covered with live r
  10. Hi Many thanks for the kind words and advice, it's a good feeling to know that you are doing it right. Perhaps I'm bit of 'Old School' and want to see it right and having spent many years restoring steam loco's back to their original condition has stuck with me and want it to show on the Albion. But there are times when I have completed a job, I stand back , look at it and think 'No not happy with that' and do it again. As for the rear electrics , I going to take the easy route and use the workshop diagram. I did buy a 4 way junction box and is now happly fitted to the chassis b
  11. Hi Andy. Many thanks for your kind words about the project and it has been a labour of love. My biggest problem has been working on it outside and trying to dodge the bad weather, rain, frost, snow, more rain ! Another problem has been with it being the only one, you are stuck to go and have a look at another BY5 to check on parts etc. I have had to work from the offical war time photo's of a BY5 and size it to what should be the correct size, then with a handy piece of cardboard make one - then try for size and adjust. Then cut out - a bit of trial and error As for lifting heavy pa
  12. The rearlight bracket photo has appeared 3 times, I can say that there is only one bracket. PB
  13. Hi. Update photo's of the Albion The rear marker light fitted with new bracket . I measured off the works photo and with a piece of cardboard made up the bracket. I did fix it behind the rear off side mud guard but it was too far back so I moved it behind the number plate. Next is the new plate for transporting the oars as these were carried on the inside of the chassis. New passenger foot rest but needs tread bar fitting to it, but might just fit strips of flat steel strip instead. This next photo has jumped the que but shows the rear lights bracket and fits beh
  14. Hi. Many thanks for your thoughts, but I'm well aware of the difference. The only reason for putting both numbers on is that the 18 YX 66 are display plates and will be changed and the proper legal road number plates will be fitted in their place. The lorry will run as the 1944 - 1949 livery but by taking off the L number plate, will also be displayed as in the post war number registration. Cheers. Paul Burns.
  15. Hi. The weather down here in the South West has been the monsoon season - non stop rain. Every time I go out when it does stop, to take catch up photos - it rains. But I hope there will be a dry spell to take them this weekend. Right bit of a update. I did manage to change the top piece of the side locker but not able to paint yet. The top was a bit flimsy and if any one had walked on it , then it would possibly bend in the middle as I used 1.2 mm steel, this is now 2 mm . The order for the new cable for the rear marker light and junction box is now on the go and await it's delivery.
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