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1976 Land Rover 101 at Classic Car Auctions


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On 16/10/2017 at 5:36 PM, Tony B said:

Land Rover prices are getting ridiculous. 

It was IIRC early months of 1993 Kinross Motor Auctions had lots of 101" , they were low mileage minta , rumour was they had been stored in a RAF hangar. Some with winch, all had front screens smashed - they had been dropped on tool brackets to double-deck on a transporter.  Nobody quite knew what the price would be, the brave got in early when the hammer price was just £3000+ then they drifted up quite steeply IIRC by abt. another £1500.  1/4 century of £ inflation  ?

Solihull selling "REBORN" examples -  £80,000++  ,  apparently some on a Q plate.

Lightweights - may be tracking WW2 / Hotchkiss - to be expected.

End of Defender production - buyers paying top $ +  in franchise showrooms  for the cleanest examples - dragging up trade & private sales.

The S3  MOD fleet  disposed of around Y2K  by  MVS  (Lichfield)  ,  I can only guestimate the quantity -  abt. 8,000.  Many exported , broken for spares, run as a cheap hack - you only see the odd collectors car on the road in summer, civvy S3 - I no longer see at all !

Probably more reasons for rising prices , that I can't think of just now - other than people wish to spanner something and actually be able to afford the fuel to run it - nothing modern is there - just a more complex  Defender..


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