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Downloads from the RLC Archive



Well, I've tried a few different ways now, and I'm going to have to admit I'm defeated, and ask to see if I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.


I have made chassis-number research requests on the RLC Archive, and these are listed in my downloads section; but under the "download" heading on the list, there is nothing to click.




Looking at the page source for that section, there is a link there, but the link text is all spaces. (So there's nothing visible to click.)


If I follow that link, I get a page that says my download was successful, but... nothing actually downloads.

I've tried it in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE7, and IE8; on both Windows and Linux, and it doesn't seem to have made a difference either way.


Beginning to feel like a bit of a buffoon by now... :mad:

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I have NoScript, but it's set to allow everything from the rlc archive (and anything that page needs to load); same with adblock, it's set to be completely off on that site just in case it's blocking something.

I get no notifications of a pop-up being blocked, either.


t'is a proper headscratcher.

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Trying it without plugins is definitely a good idea!


Unfortunately, a completely bare browser doesn't help either. :( I get the same downloads page, sans a clickable link; and if I dig out the link and follow it manually, I still get the same "Your download was successful" page without having anything downloaded.


Worth a try, though... And just confuses me even more; since the site must work, because other people are using it and presumably managing to get their chassis number research results downloaded. (Does seem to be only the chassis number wotsits; I've successfully managed to download contract record pages before.)


EDITx2: More thinking... Maybe this just means they haven't found a record for it yet?

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