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Norton big 4


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Can anyone give me any info on the Norton 633cc Big 4 SWD. In Particular, their role in Australia. I've been told the RAAF may have used them?


What part of Australia are you in? I know a guy with a restored one over there. Could put you in touch as I am sure he will know.


regards Richard

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Hi all,


Have about 10 down under in my registry, but have a load of documents from the AWM to still sort out, Most came from contract C7576 as pictures and the archives indicate.


And only have one in my register in NZ, and that is an incomplete one owned by Mr. Mackintosh, of Manx Norton fame, but he told me some years ago there was another one, never got any details though.


Please let me know if anything else turns up! I have loads of pictures and info on the Big 4's, and ride them regularly, on and offroad.







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