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  1. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a gun mount like this for my CCKW. It looks naked without one!
  2. Hoping this works. First time for this stuff! This is where it sat for many years after being restored in 2007. I drove it 2500klms home from South Australia to Queensland (very slowly) everything that can leak does. Have currently got diffs and drive shafts out and repairing them. Not much left of them after the long drive. Engine and transmission will be next. All in all, good to drive and turns a still few heads!
  3. Great! Any info I could get on their use and OZ ID numbers would be fantastic.....
  4. Can anyone give me any info on the Norton 633cc Big 4 SWD. In Particular, their role in Australia. I've been told the RAAF may have used them?
  5. Hi all. I have been interested in WW2 vehicles for years and find the knowledge and info on here to be invaluable. I'm returning a GMC CCKW to original at the moment and am looking for a complete M39 / M49 machne gun mount if anyone knows of one? Thanks for having me! Paul
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