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Daimler ferret drive problem

polecat paul

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Hi all, it's been a while since I've been on here as life tends to get in the way of the hobby! Anyway I had a problem 2 years ago with my mk1/2 ferret and basically parked it under cover to wait its turn for me to look at it, well yesterday was that day, brought 2 new batteries for it ,popped them on and she fired up, all going well so far!

Reversed her out all ok, went to drive her back in and as the ground is quite uneven and grassy I accelerated a tad more, she then just sat there spinning the front offside wheel and the was a lot of banging and crunching coming from the front drive shaft next to my left leg and this seemed also to be coming from the wheel as well!

Now the original problem was I had taken her out for a drive when there was an almighty bang from that wheel with the same banging and crunching noise, as it was getting dark and we had no phone signal I slowly drove her home as I wasn't to far away.

I was hoping that the handbrake on that side had stuck on then basically the shoe or shoe assembly has broken but I'm now thinking before I get the wheel off could this be a wheel station that has gone?

I really hope it's not!!!

Has anyone ever come across this before?

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Sorry to hear your problems with your Ferret. I had a very similar problem with my Saladin.

I replaced all the parts as I needed them, but it would have been cheaper to replace the bevel box

and wheel station.

Good look.





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Yep, something is broken, it'll be a driveshaft, bevel box, inner or outer tractor joint or the reduction gear assembly in the hub. Draining the oil from the assemblies and seeing which is full of metal will be a good start towards finding the problem.




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