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Sundry truck axles

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The wheels under the triangular steel frame could be Thornycroft, the holes appear to be heart shaped, and there was a period of time where J models used this small heart shape. I have seen more rear wheels with larger holes, but so far have not been able to accurately date that production line, for as you have there, a set of wheels and no chassis number to assist.


Are these treasures being moved on to your place?


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Thanks for the Commer Car reply. I have the chassis and axles from an early Commer (it has "Commer Car" cast into the front cross member), but it has had wooden wheels without the brass hubcaps with the double C, so wasn't sure with this axle.


Doug, yeah mate I am not sure with those heavy rear wheels. I would say English, but that is about all I know. Some have followed my home, but not all.



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You may have seen this photo before. It is described as being a Commercar resting on Vulcan wheels with a replacement rad top tank.


What interests me is that the rear hub cap looks a lot like the one in your photo! Below... is a photo of a Commercar bus which has the same wheels and hubcap. So... just maybe those wheels were original Commercar.





Commer on Vulcan wheels & odd tank Charleville wool truck dalgetys 1915.jpg

commer car bus.jpg

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