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  1. Traction Engine front wheels.
  2. From the book The Motor Car by David Burgess Wise. There is the running truck to the left and a blown up truck to the right near the power pole. The photo didn't seem to have a caption. Any ideas on the make of the running truck?
  3. Hi. Thanks for the Commer Car reply. I have the chassis and axles from an early Commer (it has "Commer Car" cast into the front cross member), but it has had wooden wheels without the brass hubcaps with the double C, so wasn't sure with this axle. Doug, yeah mate I am not sure with those heavy rear wheels. I would say English, but that is about all I know. Some have followed my home, but not all. Cheers.
  4. Hi. These were in a yard near me a while back. The drilling rig is on Leyland axles, and maybe the "C" hubcaps are from a Commer? Not sure what the other 2 are. Any thoughts? Cheers, AG.
  5. Hi Steve. You have all done great work with the Dennis. Very interesting reading. Well done. I have sent you a PM. Thanks, Andrew.
  6. Hi lads, Thanks for the replies. The complete truck has cast iron radiator tanks, but they have been painted silver. So from the details given, it would be 1920 or later going by the engine, as it doesn't have the Tylor engine. I am not sure what the cast iron radiator tanks mean though. Is it ex military or not? I have ordered one of the AEC books. The few engine parts I have from the 1920 truck look to have come from a Tylor engine. The knackered radiator I have came from a different truck, but the castings are made of aluminium, so might suit. Thanks for your help. AG.
  7. Here are some photos of the AEC Ltd truck. The brass plate is attached to the engine, the stampings are on the top of the bonnet, where it fits to the radiator. So no one knows anything about these trucks then? Are they earlier or later then the AEC chassis of 1920?
  8. Hi, Here are the plates from the diff and the gearbox.
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