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Lord Burley

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Now i know its not technically a British vehicle but the latest ones are built by Automotive Technique in Guilford.But here goes.I had the 101 parked outside the house during the week,unloading some of the stuff from Beltring,when i was approached by the neighbours friend,who after looking at the 101 said he had a very similar vehicle laying in his yard.I said i would be intrested to know what it was.So off he trundles and an hour later returns with the info,that it is infact a Pinzgauer 6x6 1973 2.5ltr petrol.Im hoping to go and have a look at it some time this week.Does anyone know what spares are like for the early ones?As i doubt apart from general body configuration nothing will be compatiable with the later versions.Any help will be most appreciated.

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