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Our Groups Cole's rail crane is listed in there.


Your group's done a good job in refurbishing it - just had a look at the York Area Group website with the before and after photos.


You have a Ransomes and Rapier breakdown crane as well.......

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Yes, it is indeed an Albion AM463.


Well , you are probably correct - however ,,


There is another official Coles published book Ref. 8287/9/78 (1978) by Martyn Wilson + Karen Spink


Coles 100 Years. The Growth Story of Europe's Leading Crane Manufacturer 1879-1979


I will show a photograph of the page later.



Page 27


Same photograph , but a few more details :-




1936 (above)


This is one of the two mobile cranes supplied to the Air Ministry in this year. The success of the machines, mounted on rubber-tyred Morris chassis, did much to convince the Ministry of the validity of separately slewing superstructures.




Probably a partial re-hash without checking source material veracity.

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It's Definitely an Albion with those pressed panels, in fact there is a photo of one of these from the other side in Les Freathy's book, page 28.

There was a Morris chassis (Morris Commercial D?)in use pre-war that did a lot of the same jobs that the albion would take on, such as refuelling, but that was a six wheeler.

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Although interested in commercials (manuf. up to early 1970's) , can't say I am a expert - but I always associate Morris Commercials with a rounded radiator panel upper-cowl - the one in the pic looks more roller - so yes - it must be Albion.


Often manufacturers. photographs are ink penned on bottom with a ID & date. The Crown Works must just have had a shoebox full of pics in bottom drawer of filing cabinet LoL , actually the offices were quite impressive and the Pallion factory very impressive.

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