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  1. Can definitely recommend the PSG website. Theres a few case histories by member Tim Denton documented on the site who has done work with his local council and the Basingstoke Canal Society to preserve/secure boxes in the North Hampshire/Surrey area. Some boxes are listed - I know a series of them near Stonehaven on one of the Scottish stop lines are listed but it isnt neccesarily the case and varies around the UK. If a structure is listed you need Historic England/Scotland/Wales permission - effectively a form of planning permission to do any work. There is a downloadable database available from the PSG site that you can use with Google maps to locate a whole range of defence structures. This also provides links to any entries in your local authorities historic site record or the CANMORE database in Scotland.
  2. wireless-set-no19@groups.io | Home Join this group and post your query - they don't just do WWII kit - very knowledgeable and helpful. Also have an archive of manuals etc. available to members
  3. Might be worth trying here: http://www.baileybridgemodel.co.uk/
  4. https://www.armortek.co.uk/kompact-kit-by-armortek/bailey-bridge/ Unfortunately no pontoons....
  5. Try the Royal Engineers Museum in Chatham: https://www.re-museum.co.uk/collections/research/ Research option won't be available until August or possibly later given the present situation. In the meantime theres more pictures of the various options here: https://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/2011/12/uk-military-bridging-floating-equipment/
  6. Re-post of list of Groups.io distributed from "wireless-set-no19" group Here's a list of radio related groups, mostly military or commercial in nature that were moved to groups.io (either by automatic transfer or manual rescue) - Armyradios Group - (the old yahoo group w/o the off-topic political / social issue noise) https://groups.io/g/armyradios Milradios Group https://milradios.groups.io/g/main GRC-9 Military Radio https://milradios.groups.io/g/GRC9 PRC-2000 Military Radio https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC2000 PRC-316 https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC-316 PRC-515 RU-20 https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC515 PRC-64 and Delco 5300 https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC64 PRC-25 and PRC-77 Radio Group https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC77 Racal Radio https://groups.io/g/RacalRadio Harris Radio https://groups.io/g/HarrisRadio Transworld & Datron Radio Equipment https://groups.io/g/TransworldDatronRadios Oddball HF SSB Radio Equipment https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/main Antenna Tuners https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/AntennaTuners Japan Radio Focused on JSB-20 https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/JapanRadioJSB MacKay https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/Mackay Motorola Micom Mobat Radio Support Group https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/MicomMobat SGC https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/SGC Sunair https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/Sunair Collins 618T Group https://groups.io/g/Collins-618T PRC-174 HF/SSB Manpack https://groups.io/g/PRC-174 Additional radio related groups that started on groups.io include - PRC-2200 https://groups.io/g/PRC-2200 GRC-215 HF/SSB Radio System https://groups.io/g/GRC-215 Milpack https://groups.io/g/milpack
  7. Further to Clive's post you may want to look here: https://groups.io/search?q=clansman+radio
  8. BASC Guidance on changes to Firearms Legislation 12th December 2019 A further explanation with the appropriate contact details etc. Also contains links to the various regs defining "deactivation" No Fruit I'm afraid
  9. "Take a wee while" is probably an understatement....
  10. https://basc.org.uk/brexit-delay-forces-deactivated-weapons-legislation-implementation/?utm_source=BASC+Email+Newsletter&utm_campaign=d4dc35cb47-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_09_25_10_14_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_14fa71dd8e-d4dc35cb47-243495561 Here is the summary on the new Deact reg on the BASC website
  11. The whole driver behind this is the concern is that a de-act can be reactivated..... this was also the driver behind the revised de-act standard brought in by the EU reg.... Doesnt seem to take into account what has been physically been done to the weapon - again legislators passing judgement on things they have little or no understanding of....or the concept of the practicalities of what is going to be required in the aftermath....
  12. The very last sentence of the explanatory notes is quite telling..... Given that most constabulary's struggle to stay on top of the firearms licensing issue (if you hold a shotgun or FAC you'll be more than well aware of the issues) then what is going to be brought in between now and March 2021 is anyones guess...
  13. There was a presentation at the Marine science conference held at the start of October at the University of Strathclyde on the disposal sites utilised for ordnance post 1945. (The renewables industry are having to do a lot of clearance activities in the NSea for putting in the windfarm arrays). The subject of German nerve agents came up. The UK took the German Tabun stockpile (the US got the Sarin and this went back to the states) and it was disposed of having been stored in NWales - in Snowdonia in a former ROF store in one of the slate mines (clearance of the NWales storage sites is covered in the Arthur Hogben bomb disposal book) The Beauforts Dyke area was one of the key areas for disposal and there was an interconnector power cable laid in that area about 10 years or so ago. Supposedly the overboard dumping of material and the various ships loaded and then deliberately sunk were supposed to be beyond the 300 fathom contour - Beauforts Dyke was just the first bit of deep water outside of Cairnryan. There was no mention of vehicles being disposed of. Just large quantities of rotting ordnance. More recently when the MOD took the first generation of Accuracy international sniper rifles out of service these were cut up and dumped at sea.
  14. The L85A1 or SA80 was accepted into service in the mid '80's - seen dates between '84 and '87 so the 5.56mm rifle rack would be right for a 1986 LR Maybe someone on the forum can give a definitve date on the SA80 coming into use.....
  15. The "BAT" series of post war recoiless anti tank guns used .5 cal spotting "guns"
  16. Jon, Nice to be away from the electrics and back on the tools?? In that last photo - in the background - is that the output of the steering box in the cut out of the hull? I presume the final drive/reduction box is going to bolt over that? You have a shaft to bridge the "gap" across the hull to the other final drive/reduction box? I'm assuming the existing shafts are going to be "modified"/adapted to marry up with the steering unit?
  17. So is this a pitch for the latest "Clives Mystery Object" - Yes they are final drives but off what?
  18. Have a look online for Rick Jolly's book "Jackspeak" - covers RN/Royals He compiled it whilst serving at RNAS Culdrose after the Falklands - pretty much the definitive list for the Senior Service
  19. YouTube Link Shame the video stops just before the man carrying trailer leaves the LCT!!!
  20. The rail complex serving the gun batteries including Wanstone are covered here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Mill#Martin_Mill_Military_Railway The additional link to the Cross channel guns has good photos of the various pieces of ordnance (and show rail lines) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dover_Strait_coastal_guns The lines were standard gauge as rail mounted cranes (those used for accident recovery) were the only means of doing barrel changes. The lines around Dover and up to Canterbury were used for the recovered/refurbished railway guns that had been held in storage after WW1 and pressed into service.
  21. The hub attachment looks to be a means of retaining the tracked unit to the wheel. In some of the stills at the end there appears to be a short turnbuckle between the yellow frame/guide of the track unit and the hub attachment
  22. Have a search online for the following manual and you'll get a full breakdown: "Clansman radio installations in Trucks,1/2 and 3/4 ton,FFR and GS,Rover.Rebro."
  23. Aye. MoD can't project manage anything - just look at the FRES/Scout debacle......
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