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  1. Are You sure about AMT-10 ? I see on the Net, no AMT-10 oil there - but AMG-10 GOST 6794 oil exists.
  2. The range of Zvezda M50 engines (1200 HP/1850 rpm) were used on different post-War types of Navy's boats (for example, on Motor Torpedo Boats), and on civil hydrofoil vessels.
  3. O.K., men. Mr Stinkypete is slightly wrong. According to official practice, the chassis number on UAZ-452 was marked:1) Until July 3, 1989 - it was painted with paint on outer side of right hand frame spar in rear part of frame. 2) From July 3, 1989 - the number structure was changed, but this number was painted with paint too, in same place of frame rear part - on outer side of right spar. This way of marking was used until January 1, 1999. Thus, You must check not the rear wheel arch itself (and not both rear wheel arches, of course), but check right spar of main frame from outer side, whi
  4. Thank You once again, dear Runflat ! I shall order this book, using the link You provided. Best regards
  5. Thank You very much, Runflat ! Have this book the WD numbers for 1939-, 1940-, 1941-made vehicles ?
  6. Dear colleagues ! Possibly, somebody knows, where to find/to buy the copy of well-known Chilwell's WD numbers lists (number census) for British wheeled military vehicles of pre-WW2 and WW2 era ? I shall pleased to get any advices.
  7. Well, Dave, there are all O.K. with private messaging - check new PM, please.
  8. Dear Crossley6, check Your PM box, please.
  9. Dear friends ! Looking through the Internet, I have found, that there were short-base and long-base Guy Vixant trucks in Britain. And I have some questions about this type: 1) When short-base Vixant trucks were produced, and when - long-base trucks ? 2) What are main differences between Guy Ant wartime truck and Guy Vixant wartime truck ? 3) Can I use wartime-issued Manual on Vixant truck for the references on Guy Ant wartime truck ? Thanks in advance. Regards, Modello.
  10. Good evening, friends ! Where it is possible to buy the paper copies or CD archives of manuals (instruction manuals, maintenance manuals, repair manuals, illustrated parts catalogues, driver's/user's handbooks) on typical WW2 British 6x4 forward control trucks ? The list of vehicles is below: - AEC 644 Marshal - Albion BY1/BY3/BY5 - Crossley IGL7/IGL8 - Guy FBAX - Karrier CK6 - Leyland Retriever - Morris D/CD/CDF/CDFW - Thornyroft Tartar The purpose of this purchase - scale modelling of objects.
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