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Many Thanks 'Topdog' - The Lancaster Arrived!!

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A big thank you to forum member 'Topdog'. He saw my daughter's recently completed PR Spitfire shown below, and donated an Airfix Dambuster Lancaster to the cause of advancing her modelmaking and patience skills. The kit arrived today, and I left it all packaged up for her as a surprise when she got home from school. It's perhaps a little advanced just now, but as we have some other easier kits to start first, we can get around to it may be next year. The Spit diorama took us a couple of years, so the Lanc will be a major project taking some time, but ideal for the long school holidays. Some more quality father/daughter time ahead in that one!




The PR.1G Spitfire completed in the early days of January this year; mostly her own work.


Previous projects are already flying displays to the cuddly toy collection.


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Another little gem of information popped into my head after she headed off to swimming classes tonight. I suddenly recalled many years ago, my wife telling me that her Granddad ( my daughter's Great Granddad ) was involved in the engineering of the spotlights on the Lancs.


He died long before Lynne and I met, and also when she was a child, so I never got to find out many details about his service. I know that he served in the RAF, Army and Navy during the war, in an engineering role. So my guess is that he was transferred to various secret projects amongst the various forces as and where his skills were needed.

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