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AEC Militant Gun Tractor

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Welcome Simom and nice to have you here and maybe you have brought the summer with you as it just hasn't turned up yet :|


AEC - nice truck - you may be able to give HF some advice on those :whistle:


Just remember to take your overalls and boots off at the door as Sue won't be none to happy otherwise :| The Dancing Girls will be along presently - or are they all out at Beltring this week :dunno:


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I believe so, apart from the one owned by one of your members, Mally, I have yet to see another.


I was speaking to a chap from the Military Museum, Newcastle, whilst at a rally at Elvington years ago. He told me my AEC was rare as they were often withdrawn earlier than the other types, because they were so damn slow. As the body was unsuitable for most civilian work, they were discarded. Apparently this all happened in the 1960's onwards, at a time when preservation was less popular, so along with most many complete examples were lost for good. Seems plausible to me at any rate, or am I just gullible! :-D


My AEC has suffered, it has spent most of the time since being sold at auction in 1984, outside. When I acquired it in 1993, the cab was more holes than I care to recall, all the instruments had been disconnected. so nothing electrical worked, (I had to start her by touching the solenoid wire to the battery!).

In about 1996, I re-panelled the cab, and was lucky enough to meet an ex-army sparky, whilst at the museum where I worked, and he very kindly spent ages sorting the wiring, so at least she would start and charge etc.

Then life and kids took over, and the AEC took a back stage for the next 8 years or so. Only recently have I resurrected her from the farm she resided on, and bent my boss's arm up his back to allow me to bring the AEC down to work to try and get her up to a reasonble level.

I drove her down a couple of weeks ago, causing chaos on the roads, only had two near misses! I worked out that the AEC hadn't been started for nearly 5 years, until recently. I put new batteries on her, checked the oil etc, and first time she fired straight up, amazing, was as though she'd never been laid up.

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Good pictures there Simon and the fact that it started up so well after such a long rest :schocked:




:shake: Oh noooooooooooo.............


after the conversation Hardyferret had with Jack at Becket towers over the weekend I've got this funny feeling..........

Can we really get something that big in through the gates :dunno:


But there again Jack it may mean I am one step closer to getting my motorbike

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welcome Simon,

there was one of these trucks locally here in Dorset recently (standing out side in a large garden) but i see now it has moved on,

Shame the other truck (chev) has stood for at least 3 years in the same spot.



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This truck really classes for the title SEX ON WHEELS :schocked:


Want one



HF don't let mrs HF know ;-)



They certainly are! 8-)


Hi Simon,

nice to have another Mk1 Militant owner on here :-D. Makes a change from all them WW2 US stuff :whistle:


;-) Richard

Ps. I got your message, I'll do a proper reply tomorrow when I've got a more time. Heroes season finale is about to start.

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