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Importing from scandinavia

Rick W


This question has probably been asked before, (what we could do with is a FAQ on this subject!), supposing i wanted to import several vehicles from a scandinavian country, say by a container, 5 or 6 vehicles at a time, how would I go about it? Has anyone here had any dealings with importing and if so what company did you use, or did you go via an agent? How much would it be to container from Scandy. Any info welcome. :?

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talked to a friend who used to export old dump trucks and Bedford trucks and parts from Finland to UK (to be sent further to third countries). He said the best thing to do would be to contact Transfennica or Finn-Anglia Ferries, they run RO-RO ships from Rauma to Hull and other places. If Your vehicles drive or at least roll, they need no containers, if they dont roll, they are fitted to a dry-rack. He coudn't tell the current prices, but a long truck trailer would have been around 1200 euros a couple of years ago. And, yes, Finland is EU. Feel free to PM me for more details.

Arthur, Finland


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