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Sword identity, any ideas?


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The following item has come my way whilst clearing out an elderly relatives house.

It is a very rusty sword with no scabbard.

The date appears to be 1901 to 1952 as it has a kings crown over a horn. The nearest I can get to is Kings royal rifle corps.

I cannot find any pictures of anything close on Google, copy? original?

sword refurb (7).jpg

Working on the basis that it was worthless as was, I have started to clean it up, the blade is very deeply pitted and will never be perfect but with a bit of work the hand guard will look ok.

sword refurb (1).jpg

sword refurb (2).jpg

sword refurb (6).jpg

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Looks a nice sword, but you may have lowered the value now buy trying to clean it. A lot of collectors including myself like the untouched article, or as was in its natural state as found. Has the blade any detailing/etching on it. The value, without seeing it in the flesh as they say, should still be anything from £50 to £70 may be a little more. If it had been in a little better condition with its scabbard, could of got about £160 odd for it, That's what I paid for my last one which looks similar to yours.

Regards Steve.

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Thanks for all the responses:

Shropshire Light Infantry

at first glance the badge is close to the one posted except that the horn is the other way round, I have seen it both ways round.


Has the blade any detailing/etching on it.

Nothing, I looked at it at all stages, it is plain other than the number 5 on the tang that matches it to the rest of the parts.

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I have had some feedback on the sword forum, the consensus seems to be that it is a mix and match sword so I have no qualms about trying a bit of etching on the blade, dress it with a sword knot and then I will use it as part of the window dressing when I run pirate parties for kids.


nearly done (5).jpg

I have added a picture of it in my baldrick with the flintlock tinder lighter that I built over Christmas.... I need to make scabbard as the sword doesn't sit that well without.

nearly done (1).jpg

on baldrick (4).jpg

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