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Coe Hill, Ontario, Canada, Warriors Day Parade 2015

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A wonderful event held in a well out of the way part of the province we live in.


Was glad to assist Al Duffy with his CVR(T)s and his M8 Greyhound.


Will post some of the later.


Here is a local news report of the event.


A grand time for us all who went, always worth the effort.





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So, the show has a build up day on the Saturday and some folks go for what we term a "trail ride" which is more like green lane riding, country back roads that are gravel not tarmac.


We usually have a bunch of small vehicles like jeeps and then a few heavier vehicles follow behind.


The decision had been made to take the M8 Greyhound as it is road legal. Sadly we found we could not keep up with the speed demon leading and after 7 kilometres decided to turn around and return to the main event site.


This is when our troubles began.



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We had added 40 litres of fresh fuel before we set out and had gone up and down some steep hills. It was also a hot day with high humidity.


So we set off returning and made it about 750 metres when the vehicle coughed and backfired a bunch of times and ground to a halt. We were solo and without tools, always a good start.


We tried to restart it and even gained some help from some colourful locals but in the end I hitch a ride and set off back to camp. I enlisted the help of a friend Phil who is a mechanic and some tools and he set about a diagnosis while Al entertained the locals.


Despite best attempts and a replacement coil we could not get it going.


Finally the recovery cavalry in the form of an American 5 ton tractor unit and the guys in the CUCV contact truck and a blazer as a chase vehicle arrived. Some effort was needed to couple the undersized A frame but we had a plan and competent people so we made a go of it. I had offered to steer and brake the M8 as I have soe experience of A frame towing and straight bars.


The ride was slow but had no drama and we were all back safe and sound.


The next day the M8 was still not fixed when I left the event.


All is well that ends well



Coe Hill 2015 8.jpg

Coe Hill 2015 10.jpg

Coe Hill 2015 16.jpg

Coe Hill 2015 15.jpg

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The CVR(T)s did not let the side down at all. Equipped this year with an oxy propane system both of them can fire on six second intervals and make a very sharp concussive crack compared to the all black powder whooshy thud that the 25 pounder makes.


A daytime and a night time firing was done with some very impressed on lookers.


It was a delight to help Al with his vehicles and show them off.



Coe Hill 2015 12.jpg

Coe Hill 2015 7.jpg

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