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Land Rover recommendations?


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I had a nice but tired Lightweight several years back and I am looking for another Landie that I want to use more regularly, so reliability and a bit more speed and comfort are required. Any recommendations for a specific ex-military model? I think a 90 would suit me best and I really want something "interesting". A Wolf seems v expensive.......is circa £14k really the going price? Are V8s reliable? Am not too bothered about mpg. Any advice gratefully received. Cheers.

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I have bought 90 wolfs in the past for around £7000. they have been untidy, but in good condition with no rot and an mot. They are alot harder to find in that price bracket as the dealers snap them up, but they are about.


110s havent been released in large numbers yet so fetch a premium.


My money though would be on a v8 and retro fit power steering and defender seats.


much cheaper to buy than a wolf, and the parts are cheaper as you havent got bespoke 24v system or unique axles and suspension.


v8s are rarer than wolfs, and sound gorgous if you swap the centre box with a straight through pipe.


I have had 90 and 110 wolfs, a wimk and plenty of 110 v8s. if i was buying a military land rover tomorrow, thats where my money would go.


It is of course a personal choice.

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Agree with the previous post. If you really want to keep the cost down and if you have a workshop, time and expertise you can reasonably easily convert a 90 N/A Diesel (good engine but slow compared with modern stuff) to a V8 (great engine). There is work involved but I did one a few years back. I bought a military 90 for about £2,600, a decent V8 engine and gearbox from a smashed up civilian V8 110 for about £800. Its mostly parts from the standard Land Rover parts bin to convert, I also fitted power steering which is easy if the engine has it fitted as you only need a power steering box to replace the standard one. Alternatively a 300TDI (Wolf) will fit a N/A Diesel with less work.


My 90 V8 was sold to a guy in California who shipped it there for his farm, so its retired to the sun !!!

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Thanks for those v useful comments. I have always fancied something with a V8 motor, although doing a re-engine job is beyond my skills and resources. I have seen a few V8 engine Lightweights, but I think those are more for off-road nuts rather than MV enthusiasts. So maybe I should cast around for an original V8 MoD L/R.

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