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  1. This is my favourite airborne jeep pic, and a source of inspiration for my airborne jeep, but is the yellow and green flash correct, and what does the number in the middle of the wheel mean?
  2. Thanks for informing me of the law, I have a valid defence, what I don't have is a replica K.....
  3. Looking for a replica K gun for my airborne jeep. I have seen Military Muckabouts do them but also seen bad reviews of their GPMG's. Any one have one of their K guns? Ww2 fabrications do one, but no idea what they are like, anyone else any experience? Relics do a wooden one but I don't really want a wooden one. Any others? I know you can get the plans but I dont have the skill to put one together. Or has anyone got one for sale? All feedback and thoughts envied.
  4. Long story but this was built by someone who then lost interest due to a relationship break down and subsequently sold the vehicle on. He too has left the hobby. This is a replica I'm afraid.
  5. It was nice to finally meet you steve, and admire your lovely jeep.
  6. I have bought 90 wolfs in the past for around £7000. they have been untidy, but in good condition with no rot and an mot. They are alot harder to find in that price bracket as the dealers snap them up, but they are about. 110s havent been released in large numbers yet so fetch a premium. My money though would be on a v8 and retro fit power steering and defender seats. much cheaper to buy than a wolf, and the parts are cheaper as you havent got bespoke 24v system or unique axles and suspension. v8s are rarer than wolfs, and sound gorgous if you swap the centre box with a straigh
  7. I have the idea of doing mickey mouse cam with an M number and invasion star, and bridge plate and leave it at that. I have that fantastic book of jeeps in british service and most in that dont have anything else.....
  8. Well if I did my jeep as american there are loads of lovely things like K ration box's to help dress it, but I want to do it as one in British use. This then poses my question, what rations did the british use? would they have been sharing the yanks k rations or only thier own, and is any repros available? Any other thoughts for nice british things to dress a british jeep with?
  9. More info required! I live in 8th Airforce country (I think) and would love to come and meet and see these projects in the flesh that I have read so much about!
  10. I was under the impression the date of delivery was recorded, to the day, on the data plate on the glove box. I was after that date to be as close to the truth that I could realistically get. I will join the g503 forum now.
  11. Cheers for all the help so far. One further question. The Chassis number is MB229170 which from my google search puts the DoD between 19/4/43 and 21/4/43. Anyway I can get closer to the actual DoD?
  12. Well after a viewing of 3 Jeeps over the weekend I have settled on one which is a 1943 willys mb. The owner is french and bought it to the uk with him. The only later hotchkiss parts fitted are a kph speedo which he said had to be fitted to register it in france, yellow headlights for the same reason and a solex carb. It is still 6v, with no ignition key and a floor mounted starter. So my questions are: What size sockets and spanners will I need? Up until now I have only played with modern stuff so only really have metric. What do you do about modern fuels? Do you use any addit
  13. Not really looking for a resto, but what have you got, and how much?
  14. All im hearing is jealousy of my youth and boyish good looks!!!! I don't put my real date of birth on places like public forums as it is used by so many companies as a security question.
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