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  1. Long story but this was built by someone who then lost interest due to a relationship break down and subsequently sold the vehicle on. He too has left the hobby. This is a replica I'm afraid.
  2. It was nice to finally meet you steve, and admire your lovely jeep.
  3. More info required! I live in 8th Airforce country (I think) and would love to come and meet and see these projects in the flesh that I have read so much about!
  4. Nope, its a CO pleasure palace...... Loosely based on a unit modded version of the command vehicle. Its go a fold down bed in the back, that doubles up as a desk and map table. The winch was added as I also have an ex Engineers boat, and this allows me to drag it in and out of the water without putting the wolf in the wet stuff. This wolf is ex Royal engineers, and I have seen winches added to other Engineers landies so its not completely out of place. This is my everyday vehicle, and not just a show queen, so it has all sorts of little mods that enable it to be a useful toy for what
  5. It looks a bit different to that pic, nearly one year on and I am just doing a couple of little jobs ready for its second MOT.....
  6. Well it turns out there was a complication with the release paperwork..... It turns out that the chap that signed it wasnt authorised to do so. This meant that despite the fact that the MOD were happy that the vehicle was released correctly and that I was the correct owner, owing to the wrong signiture I had to endure two weeks of wrangling to get a correctly signed document. The MOD had to re issue the release paperwork, which didnt come quickly. But...... I am indeed chuffed now as My now owns a brand spanking new P reg number plate. I am off tomorrow night to collect it off
  7. he he he... you know its true. I got fed up with getting wet, and then the brain wave hit me..... to be fair, it was the idea of REME. I was on an exercise, and they were on the same training area. we drove past and I saw they had done exactly the same, only with a green tarp under cam net. "Bugger me" I thought, such a simple idea and yet I had never thought of doing it......
  8. Well nothing new to see..... But on Monday my wolf has just passed its MOT with no faults at all....Now all I have to do is try and get it registered.... Off to the DVLA office in Ipswich tomorrow afternoon..... Here's fingers crossed.
  9. I have been busy over the last couple of weekends..... Lots of things went wrong, and jobs that should of taken 20 mins or so, didnt. They ended up taking more like 3 -4 hours....... But... All my swearing, hammering and beating has finally paid off. After purchasing a new injector pump, and fitting it with another new timing belt, I now have a Wolf that goes. After replacing a brake line that runs the entire length of the vehicle I now have a Wolf that stops. After chasing those pesky electrical gremlins all day, I now have a Wolf with fully functioning lights and ancills...
  10. mmm looks like what I need to enable me to a frame the wolf behind the WMIK (or the other way round if needed....). I didnt want to fit the earlier ones as never seen any on the wolfs before with any thing like these fitted.
  11. Maybe you can show where they came from, as neither of my wolfs have them, and I cannot see them listed in the parts book?
  12. What about picking up an old used caravan.... Compliant brakes, lightwieght galvanised chassis, and cheap as long as you find one with a rotten body. Use that to then modify and mount your LWB rear tub on. I do like the idea. A practical solution to wanting to demonstrate the 9x9 tent with a landy on the back, but also wanting to display the landy its self.....
  13. Paul, The ^ was up until about 1998. It was painted on the vehicles in black during the 1st Gulf War, and then in white during the balklands ect. They then turned it on its side for Afghan and Iraq invasion, as above, and since about 2005 it is now a V. Look at pics of my WMIK for ideas. Size seems to vary between Units, but it was suppose to be pianted in Infrared reflective paint. The idea being that the rest of the vehicle absorbs IR, so through an IR scope, the only thing you should see is the coalition marking (as that is what it is). Hope that helps.
  14. Well I got a bit more done today..... I had some good news, and then some bad. I managed to get it running for the first time since I have owned it..... and it ran great. But the bad news is I had diesel pissing out the wading plug, so it seems the accident damaged the injector pump, so I have got to strip the front end back down again, to change the injector pump..... Grrrrrrrr
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