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  1. Nice and original looking but too much ££££ for me. Thanks and good luck with the sale.
  2. No, still looking. Price on yours and photos? Cheers!
  3. I use ACF50 although that is not a permanent fix and needs to be re-applied. AND it is expensive, but I find its good for holding trouble spots at bay. Great on motorcycles for that oily rag finish.
  4. Anyone know what the annual road tax is on an '86 era L/R Tithonus 110, fitted with a 200 TDi if that makes a difference?
  5. "Any suggestions on a specialist to send these to for refurbishment." I have only had motorcycle instruments done and I hesitate to recommend the guy I use, but there are a few specialists in UK and it is likely that someone on here has a recommendation for Jeep ones. Maybe even just try ringing one of the trusted restorers and ask who they use - like Jeffereys. I presume you would rather use the originals.
  6. Looks a nice practical project and best of luck with it. As to instruments, that would be something I would not tackle myself as it is very easy to make a right mess of them and end up with something that looks naff. I prefer to put them the way of trusted specialists who make a fantastic job - either just get working (properly and reliably) retaining the patina or a full restoration. Its good to keep these people going, but good for you if you think you can tackle it.
  7. It was civilianised after demob in '46 and present owner bought it in '96 and put it back in military trim, although I am not sure that is true, even for a Tourer in 1939?? Still a bit blingy, as you observe, and colour looks non-military (going by pics). Still, personal choice.
  8. Very shiny. Up for sale via MVT website. "Offers around £14k" he says.
  9. Yes, that's what it looks like, but its a very elaborate construction just to mount a solar panel!
  10. Anyone know what THIS is? It was mounted on the roof of an ex-RAF Lightweight.
  11. Whoops! Answering my own question! But I found this on the S1 OC and it may be useful for others. I was quite surprised as I had assumed there would be a lot of interchangeability with the only difference being material (steel rather than ally, but not so!). I quote: "The only panel the same as a normal 80" is the panel that carries the headlights/ radiator. Every other panel, doors door tops windscreen frame seat base floors, rear tub, bonnet, hoodsticks , bulkhead, seats, front bumper is different.Everything is steel on a Minerva but Aluminium on a British Built 80. Nothing is galvanise
  12. Anyone know if the Land Rover Series 1 windscreen fits the Minerva? Other parts compatible?? Thanks.
  13. Yes, I kick myself at the vehicles I rejected at the time, mainly because they were the first ones I saw and wouldn't I be foolish buying the first one I saw......actually I was foolish in not going with gut instinct, so lost out on a lovely Austin military tourer and a British jeep in very original nick and both at prices that now seem pennies! But the other thing that often guides you towards a good buy is finding a vendor who genuinely likes and knows about what he is selling. Thats where finding something through clubs pays dividends.
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