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  1. I guess the price goes down each time as the previous bidders have dropped out. IMHO not a good time to sell something like this if you want top dollar - folk would want to see it in the flesh. If you follow the TV series on these auctioneers, they are always commenting that pre-war vehicles are now very cheap as the clientele that was interested in that era are now dying out (literally) and the action tends to have moved to 1970s onwards. The same is possibly also seen in the MV world if you look at the price of military Land Rovers cf this Austin truck!
  2. If you are interested in a specific marque, then it pays to join the relevant Owners Club to get advice and also post a want advert on their forum. Best way to get a decent bike at a fair price.
  3. Just the job for starting up your Puma! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ex-British-Army-Military-MOD-1991-Land-Rover-Defender-110-2-5na-HELI-Start/274733210435?hash=item3ff7601b43:g:xE0AAOSwiypgZXsO
  4. Well that one may be a reasonable bet, but really you need to ask someone who knows the 16H and best to get the engine and frame numbers as well. Ron Pier who comes on here would be a better person to ask. Post the query on the Motorcycles section in the Vehicles part of this site and ask him.......or someone to give you a heads up on the photos at least. Title it "Plea for help - Norton 16H" . That will get them looking! The link to the bike is https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Norton-16h-WD-1939/184735649226?hash=item2b031a4dca:g:Ab0AAOSw7H9gY4Ih
  5. Try asking on the BSA WD M20 site - they have a "Wants" section and can advise on who might have them. Some at least are available as v good repros - beware BAD repros! Again, you can get advice on that. Yes, they cater for Matchless as well. http://www.wdbsa.nl
  6. The owner, Tony Lawrence is of course very well known in MV circles and has been MC at many events such as The War & Peace Show and Combined 'Ops. So it hardly likely to be anything other than a genuine sale although if you want a totally pukka 16H, then thats up to your judgement. I am sure Tony would give you an honest opinion of what he knows.
  7. As Carol King sang, "You're so far away...." etc.!
  8. Thats £15k plus around 10% commission plus 20% of the 10% commission which comes to about £16800 for the "cheap" one. But I guess if a dealer buys it and spends £5k on a tidy up there is still some profit if its sold on for £25-£30k. Frankly - nuts! Although - look at the prices being asked for very average Land Rovers!
  9. To clarify, for vehicles we use.....only vehicles first used after 1 April 1986. Class 3,4,5 and 7 vehicles For class 3,4,5 and 7 vehicles, the defect ‘Light source and lamp not compatible’ only applies to vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1986. Should a vehicle be presented for an MOT test with conversions before 1 April 1986 they must not be failed with immediate effect. Vehicles presented with converted halogen headlamp units first used on or after 1 April 1986 will continue to be failed. Headlamps must comply with all other requirements of the test and
  10. Notice issued today - the rules have been changed to cater for certain types of LED conversion, which I am assuming covers our concerns though not read it yet.
  11. But most of our old cars and MVs use(d) tungsten non-halogen headlamps, so I guess this rule does not apply; certainly won't apply if commonsense prevails and we have much better lighting at less demand on the charging system.
  12. Yes, I reported it to eBay when I saw it yesterday so looks like reporting works.......but will no doubt pop up with something else. I can only presume they are phishing for routes to peoples banking details, etc......."yes I will hold it for you, just send me a deposit via bank transfer...." etc.. There is another bloke who sells Ural/Dnepr motorcycle outfits on eBay which I am sure ARE genuine, but they are freshly imported and have no V5c and contrary to what the vendor says, cannot be DVLA registered because the sidecar is on the RHS. That configuration is OK if you have one already reg
  13. Something smells strongly here! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Land-Rover-Lightweight-2-3-2dr/303863476313?hash=item46bfacb059:g:t2MAAOSw6ThgEnUt
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