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Tank, Linked ARK, Churchill Mk4


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MARTYN in 1957 the mod did trials on the ARK using two CHURCHILLS one mark four and one mark seven both from

JOHN LYSAGHTs BRISTOL WORKs Ltd subsequent production vehicles were all to be on the mark four hulls l have the full file on the trials including pictures drawings also in the file are the subsequent locations of those churchills after leaving

FVRDE some as late as the mid seventies some years ago a friend who was doing a survey and l visited two of the locations

and saw them

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Its a pity there are not any Churchill Ark or Bridge layer projects around as as they offer a lot of interesting things to display and at the end of the display, if its an Ark, a Sherman can drive over you :cool2:

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The linked ark was also known as linked dog. It came about because the weight of conquerer was too much for all existing brige or ark vehicles so they developed this system where two churchill arks moved towards the obstacle at a slight angle to each other and male fittings on one side of one fitted into female fittings (OOOH matron!!!!) on the other, they linked and then drove together into the hole. They both released front and rear "drawbridges" and vehicles could then pass over, the heavy ones having one track on each churchill. There is no practical reason for using the earlier square door vehicles for this except that the round door Mk VII's were still in British service as bridgelayers, flails and AVRE's and a few were being sold to Ireland, India, Iraq Jordan etc and as the Ark system is semi disposal in use (the vehicles would be left in the bottom of the hole, perhaps for months depending upon the tactical situation) I suppose it made sense to use up the older, rivetted square door models for this.

To the best of my knowledge there is only one linked dog left: a very battered range target in Germany (not sure exactly where but have seen photos) but this is due for removal and scrapping so will not be about for long. There used to be a complete one at Bovington until a few years back and there are some "drawbrige" parts still existing but the base vehicle was disposed of and the new owner cut off the Ark fittings and restored it as a Mk IV gun tank.

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funny you should say that as I was talking to someone not long ago about the mk7 avre that is still in Germany and has been donated to the desert rats association and they have the same problem that I would have if I were to get hold of some of that range armour.


transport cost !!!


I would be lying if I said I hadn't dreamed of it though :cool2:

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