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Army Bazar ????


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Has anyone ever used this site ?


click vehicles....first page you come to....nice looking Jeep 3rd item down ......

Does anyone recognise this Jeep as belonging to somebody else ?

Some thing a bit strange going on methinks ...............buyer be very aware .....

Just wondered if anyone else had ever used the site and how they got on????????

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There is a photo of a Saracen, with a daft bird at the side of it, taken in my yard well over ten years ago so it does seem a bit odd.


I had to check that out :D


Prices seem cheap if "with thousands personally spent on the engine"


Maybe the website is a typo should read ........... Army Bizarre

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The third vehicle down the Matchless is a fraud as it belongs to someone else as was on classic car website the other month,last time it was in France with free delivery as long as you did a bank transfer first,

Buyers be very aware.


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I think that just about sums it up then ......the whole site is a fake I reckon ......

Get this :) ...

I too thought £8800 for that Jeep seemed mighty cheap so.....I dropped 'Sam Adams' the vendor an email....

Sam quickly replied that he hadn't sold the Jeep and he would take a good offer of about £8 grand for it .....

Sooooo :) .....

.. I asked for more info on it such as "was it a genuine 1944 ?" and ..."what work has been done and are all the bits such as engine / gearbox etc all genuine 1944 or have they been rebuilt replaced /etc etc " and "is it a Ford or a Willys or a mixture of the 2 ?" ,,,,,,,,,,as I guess most of you would do before going to have a proper look at the beast :)


Back came a reply ....

"The Jeep is genuine and I totally rebuilt 2 years ago ....I now am in the Royal Naval Air Depot at Yeovilton preparing for a very dangerous mission to Afghanistan and the Jeep is here with me ....I am not allowed to show you more pictures as it against the Army law to take pictures in this secret place and you cannot see the Jeep but it is good..........I can send you the Jeep in a military lorry free of charge and this is a good way to deliver and you can be sure you get the Jeep no damage.....all I need is your full name and address and your bank details then you can transfer the money to me and you can deliver (sic) the Jeep ..."


Well now :) ......

...I just do not know why I am sitting here dithering around :) .best I get on and send him the cash :)


PS: It did cross my mind to have some fun with this fella and see how far down the line I could tow him before telling him where to get off :)

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What a load of horse manure. Hopefully no legitimate buyer would fall for that (or I would like to think so). Yeovilton is a secret place? Has a very nice museum open to the public. Surely he could drive the Jeep across the road into the museum car park for photographs. Ask him why he cant do that?

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Thanks Toner ....you can add the Jeep to your list :):)

As I asked originally tho.. ...I wondered if any of you recognised her as belonging to someone else or as one that had been genuinely sold recently ? then again I supposed a fella like that could just troll the web for an old advert to take the picures off :(

ah well.....

.........and there was me thinking I'd found that bargain Jeep that I keep telling myself is waiting out there for me somewhere ;)

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Standard scam ads, you should try buying a caravan on caravans for sale!


It's great sport!


Pick a 2 year old van for £3k, wait for the sob story about needing to sell it due to husbands sudden death, then the reasons why they cannot actually let you see it, then how they'll deliver it free of charge, just send them the money, I play them along for a while and then just keep asking to pop round to see them...


Almost as much fun as the "i'm calling from Microsoft Windows" phone calls... I answer 'yes' to every question until they get bored or ask me if I'm just saying yes to every question... (can you guess what my answer is?)

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There is a photo of a Saracen, with a daft bird at the side of it, taken in my yard well over ten years ago so it does seem a bit odd.

Picture of Saracen removed now. Was it taken in Manchester and was the owners name Clive?

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Recently I came across this thread and as the administrator of armybazar.eu I would like to comment on the issue.

It is reality that the aforementioned cases occur on every classifieds portal. There will always be the individuals which try to misuse ads space to publish fraudulent offers. This concerns not only the English language version; the same cases also occur in Slovak, Czech, Polish, Hungarian and German language versions. Those ads are always removed, but even with the best effort, we are not able to do it immediately as our portal is daily visited by thousands of people. Many of those ads are being reported directly by users, what is very helpful.

Advertisers have to agree with general terms and conditions of service before they place an ad and therefore they are aware of the possibility, that we do provide the necessary assistance to competent authorities where required.

We register several police requests, from UK and other countries, to provide data on advertisers who broke the local law and all of them were met.

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