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Whare do I look for an old Army accadent report?

Catch 22 LBDR

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I am the owner of an ex Royal Engineers Daimler Ferret, 00DD24. While searching for in-service pictures of the vehicle I learned that it may have bean involved in an RTA in Germany on the 6th Nov 1991 that killed the driver. I say may have because there were 2 Ferret's in the Squadron at the time and no one can tell me for sure witch Ferret it was.


When I learned this information I decided to dedicate the Ferret to the driver. However to do this right I would like to find out for sure if it was my Ferret involved in the crash.


The bet bit of info I can think of to do this would be the accident report done at the time by the RMP's. But I have know Idea where to look for this information. Another thing that might help would be an ORBAT for 12 squadron 25 engineer Regt RE for 1991, as this would list the Reg of the other Ferret.


Any help with this bit of research would be most welcome. Ross

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I'm not sure what your search skills are but you might try the local German newspaper archives for the town in which the accident happened, that may get you something. I know its a long shot but you never know.


If you had the recods card it may have gone for a rebuild after, that is another clue.


Great idea and shows a lot of respect for the poor chap who lost his life.



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Thanks Robin. I think it is a harsh reminder that not all soldiers die in combat but still deserve to be remembered. The vehicle will be dedicated earthier way but I would like to know for sure if it was the one. The info will also change the wording on the brass plaque.


The news paper is a good Idea, I will get on that straight away.


So far I have tried the Royal Engineers museum,the RMP's museum, Soldier magazine and the Sapper journal. But nothing yet. The Accident report must be filed somewhere.

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The accident report will be there somewhere - and so will the coroner's report if there was a fatality. The trail might be a little tricky though as HQ BAOR transmogrified into HQ UK Support Command Germany - and I am unsure what functions were around in 1991. Similarly the records used to be held in HQ QMG in Andover - which became the Logistic Executive (Army) then probably something else - there have been so many reviews and reorganisations it is hard to keep track.


My best advice is that you might try getting in touch with the Command Master Driver in HQ Land Forces in Wilton.

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Some times, late at night, when Im working alone on my vehicle, quietly tinkering away inside the hull, you become aware that others have sat inside the vehicle before you. Its then you realise, that they are more than just vehicles, but are witnesses to the courage and bravery of men, long past.

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