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    Black Hills of South Dakota
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    Owner of a 1954 Canadian Army Ferret..1800's wild west & mountain man reenactor.
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    Retired..Now a novice mechanic on a 1954 Ferret
  1. Joe in USA with a Canadian Army 1954 Ferret MK1......
  2. Hope to hear from him soon on one of the web sites....It's always exciting and nice to welcome a new Ferret owner...
  3. Tim, Thank you for the invite...I don't travel anymore but that is so wonderful of you to offer....I have a hard time just driving about 20 miles anymore...It sure would be the trip of a life time to see.... Looking forward to seeing your great video.. Those 3 videos were nice...thanks for sharing...
  4. OZITIM Again what an incredible job.....You do it with basic back yard tools !!! Your countryside is beautiful....You need to do about a 5-10 minute video of the Ferret driving around....Just beautiful scenery.... Joe in USA
  5. Being that it is in South Dakota my biggest concern would be a cracked or damaged engine due to severe cold....The bins are of a simple flat design it isn't too hard to take a hammer and backing plate to pound them straight....As others stated items are available from all over the world......Keep in mind getting parts for a Historic Military Vehicle takes time and a lot of patience to work on them...It is extremely rewarding as I have a Canadian Army 1954 Ferret MK1 I purchased 2 years ago....Mine is missing radios,inside bins ect but I don't care...Mine will stay basic... Also on this forum
  6. Just incredible...The old crew surly is smiling down on you....
  7. I remember watching the riots on the tv news back then in the USA....Bad times for sure......
  8. Tootles any update ? Maybe I missed it in another thread..Hope all is well these days...
  9. This is what our great hobby is all about......................
  10. CaptMax, Welcome to the forum and to Ferret ownership....I am very happy for you to have found the history of yours...Thank you for sharing all the pictures..... It is a great hobby and as you have already found other wonderful people around the world that own Ferrets and are willing to help a fellow Ferret owner out.. Mine is located just south of Chicago... I am looking to locate crew members and pictures of mine...It is a 1954 Canadian MK1..Canadian reg 54-82586.Possible UNEF 1216...
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