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What Gearbox Oil to use ?



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No not all the same, the different numbers are the SAE rating. So AG 90 gear oil is straight SAE90 gear oil and AG140 is SAE 140 and so on. These are NOT EP oils and are suitable for old vehicles that could have phosphor bronze bearings.


I use Morris Goldfilm SAE30 in my AEC 7.7 and Morris AG 90 in my axles and gearbox on my Matador. I really Rate Morris, they are a family run British concern and really know their stuff.

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The number reprisents the viscosity - the bigger the number the thicker is the oil. The safe bet is to use the same viscosity as was originaly recomended. It is quite easy to find the translation from the WD designation to SAE viscosities. Most gearboxes used 30 or 50 viscosity oil.


Whatever you do DO NOT use an oil with EP in its description anywhere that does not specificaly require it. The EP additives WILL quite quickly break down the surface of any yellow metal (brass or bronze) parts which will wear at an unbelievable rate. Older gearboxes often have bronze selector forks and thrust washers which will be ruined.


Other than this you are unlikely to do much harm using a slightly wrong grade of oil because modern oils are much more stable and just generally better lubricants than WW2 ones.




PS: SAE is the American Society of Automotive Engineers

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Jules, to echo Paul, do you have the manual(s) for the truck(s) in question? Should specify oils and grades in that.


According to the Manual it says to use C600 in gear box, axles & steering box.


30HD in the engine


So what are the Morris oil equivolant ?



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