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  1. 1944 AEC Matador Artily Tractor for sale High speed diffs, good mechanicals, original body, Very good tyres. cab is good, but will need O/S rear cab pillar and timber above O/S wheel arch done soon. Its a nice vehicle. Located near Stroud Glos. Looking for around £15K Call Dan on 07711839269 to view
  2. I am toying with the idea of selling my 2 1944 AEC O854 Coles cranes.The one is 85% restored, mechanically is excellent, Engine is like new, The cab has been restored and the brakes have been overhauled. just requires the crane restoration and modifications to the cab roof. The second is a running with operating crane (new lift cable), but has been heavily modified and has NO BRAKES. Between the two almost everything is there to complete the restoration with ease. They could really do with going to a museum or serious collector to finish. Looking for around £12K ono for both which is nowhere near what i have spent on them. Located in Stroud, Glos. PM me if interested
  3. have you tried Bernie Smith. He sorted all my seals for my AEC O854 and was very very good. http://www.vintagevehiclespares.com/links.php
  4. I know noting about these engines, But what is the breather arrangement ? check the breather is clear as any crank case pressurisation can cause a labyrinth seal to pass oil.
  5. Now on Ebay with pictures http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/222320108629?roken=cUgayN
  6. Try this https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/products/867-window-lift-channel
  7. This has just been posted on the AEC forum. It must be bloody rare if its was it says it is. http://middx.net/aec/board/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=766&sid=4488bc95878edcb28765b9b972762091
  8. I bought mine from here. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262341306134?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT They seem to be good quality.
  9. They are breeding!!!!It seems I now have two.
  10. 16svt

    Aec 08541742

    I know of about 6 O854 Coles cranes and about the same for the O854 refuels and a handful of timber tractors maybe a few more. There are bound to be more hiding away, but I would be certain there are no more than 30. If you do convert yours to air, the best thing to do would be find someone breaking a Matador and get the front cylinder and mounting brackets from the front axle. The mounting bracket just bolt onto the swivel pins and are an easy fit. You also need to use the longer brake arms and quadrant adjusters from the Matador set up as the hydraulic arms are shorter and it makes adjusting the brakes far easier. The O854 hydraulic system requires special shims that go under the brake shoes to adjust the brake up. I would imagine these would be almost impossible to find and would have to be made. The rear I would just use cylinders and mounting brackets from a MK1 Militant. I think that you would also need to change the operating arms, but i have not looked into this yet. What year is yours?
  11. 16svt

    Aec 08541742

    Its quite possible to convert an O854 to full air brakes. I have a O854 Coles crane that has been converted very badly, I am thinking that if I continue with this lorry I am just going to rebuild the brake system with the MK1 Militant system. However, I have also just bought another O854 Coles with original Vac over Hydraulic brakes and I intend to keep this one as it is, as its so original. With companies like "past Part" and loads of others there is almost nothing you can't get repaired/rebuilt (at cost). Certainly I would not for see any problems getting hold of brake seals and hoses. Good luck with it Dan
  12. Please try and post some pics, I have just bought one for spare. but i am always interested in more depending on what they are like and how much. what area is it located in? Cheers Dan
  13. Mine is O853 6721 built August 1944
  14. http://www.rlcarchive.org A search for 18YZ54 shows they hold a key card for your vehicle and you can apply for a copy online. Its a great service and should shed a bit of light on your vehicles history. Off the top of my head, I would say that chassis number will date it to late 1944.
  15. No PLESAE don't stop, its very interesting. I check it for update every day. I asked about the engine as it has an exhauster fitted, I was just interested in if it had been built with vac over hydraulic brakes. Doug, you are doing a great job on an interesting and rare vehicle, keep it up and we all want as many photos as possible.
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