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  1. 1944 AEC Matador Artily Tractor for sale High speed diffs, good mechanicals, original body, Very good tyres. cab is good, but will need O/S rear cab pillar and timber above O/S wheel arch done soon. Its a nice vehicle. Located near Stroud Glos. Looking for around £15K Call Dan on 07711839269 to view
  2. I am toying with the idea of selling my 2 1944 AEC O854 Coles cranes.The one is 85% restored, mechanically is excellent, Engine is like new, The cab has been restored and the brakes have been overhauled. just requires the crane restoration and modifications to the cab roof. The second is a running with operating crane (new lift cable), but has been heavily modified and has NO BRAKES. Between the two almost everything is there to complete the restoration with ease. They could really do with going to a museum or serious collector to finish. Looking for around £12K ono for both which is nowhere n
  3. Try this https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/products/867-window-lift-channel
  4. They are breeding!!!!It seems I now have two.
  5. No PLESAE don't stop, its very interesting. I check it for update every day. I asked about the engine as it has an exhauster fitted, I was just interested in if it had been built with vac over hydraulic brakes. Doug, you are doing a great job on an interesting and rare vehicle, keep it up and we all want as many photos as possible.
  6. i notice that its got an A196 engine. were Dorchesters Vac over hydraulic brake? or is it an engine replacement?
  7. Thanks for that, I will take another look on Monday.
  8. John Harrington on the Facebook AEC society page has informed me that my crane was RAF 122128 and then 21AC20. I will now send off to the RAF museum to see what records they hold.
  9. I have driven a MK6 Iron Fairy. They are quite unique. More like a forklift with a jib. you can't help moving with a load as the slew is so limited. Bloody useful bit of kit for getting into tight spaces and low hight. There really is nothing like them.
  10. What a great story and a happy ending, with some good advice thrown in. I alway air on the side of caution, but like you say you really need to watch for complacency. I have done a few lifts with my old girl now and she seems very stable. I have not tried moving with a load yet. I think that if i do it will only ever be with the load at the back.
  11. The other odd thing is that under the penciled amendment for the chassis number it states the colour as Yellow. I have now done a fair bit of work on the vehicle and at no time have i seen the colour yellow. The first coat over the undercoat is drab green, then Deep bronze green and then red. I know from the log book that the first registered keeper in 1950 was the Ministry of Supply, the next was The Department of Atomic Energy and then The Atomic Energy Authority. Now could it be that the Ministry of Supply took it from Surplus RAF stock? and registered it for road use in 1950? I really c
  12. Wally, I have been trying to trace the history and would like your help. I have had the RLC search for the chassis number O854 1352 with no luck. But there seem to be a bit of an anomaly on the old style log book. Now the chassis number 1344 is very neatly written in the correct place on the logbook. But there is a note on the left hand page stating the chassis number as 1352. Now unfortunately the chassis number is not visible as there is a mounting brakes for the crane over it. The chassis does have this on it. Now the first coat of paint on the crane is clearly Olive Drab, which i thi
  13. I have been doing various little jobs on the crane since i last posted, Hoovering all the ****e out of the crane, rebuilt the seat in the crane, sorted the crane engine air filter out and lots of other little jobs. Today i spent 6 hours welding and grinding a small area of the chassis that had rusted/wasted quite badly. Only manager a patch about 5" long, but pleased with the results.
  14. This is my 6th AEC. I have owed 1 Mandator, 2 Mammoth Majors, a MK3 Militant and still have a Matador and this. So yes I have the bug. Your tanker is gorgeous, what a find.
  15. No outriggers what so ever. there are also no springs on the rear axles (will bounce a bit on the road). The only danger would be a tyre blow out on a side lift. This crane was rated at 7 ton, I would never dream of tying to lift that sort of weight. I have had 4 ton at full reach over the side and it was fine and seemed very stable. That was just to test for my piece of mind, it is not something i would ever do in anger. The other danger with having no outriggers is that the crane is only as level as the ground its parked on. As long as you are aware and know your limits then this should not
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